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Getting there!


Readers, thanks to all your encouragement I’m actually doing this! I really am getting on with the job of sewing up my knit projects!

Look at the photo evidence: this is Child 1’s long forgotten sweater that I put on my to do list yesterday and finally managed to complete today. And do you know what: it only had about an hour’s work left in it to do.

So I hope to get going while the going is good and finish that cardigan that started the whole thing soon enough. And  I promise there will be a “normal” sewing post soon – to contain the words “lingerie” and “culottes” both in one post! If that doesn’t intrigue you (more than sewing up sweaters …) then I don’t know what will! 😉


If it can’t be seen on a galloping horse at 30 paces, it doesn’t matter!


Thank you so much for all your tips and encouragement on yesterday’s cry for help!
Lots of food for thought, but mainly all your encouragement has given me the much needed kick up the back side I needed to pull myself together and start the assembly of the cardigan already.

As you can see I’m getting there – and as predicted by Gail, who can also take full credit for the title of this post, it isn’t half as bad as I thought it might be.

And meaning to go on as I started I blocked another one of my knitting UFOs today, assigned one to the charity shop bag (with a heavy heart, but I guess I knew even when I first started knitting this project a few years back that it wasn’t really my style) and prepared the sweater for Child 3 for weaving in.

There is hope for me yet!

Burdastyle 11/2012 # 107: End of Summer Trousers

At the end of July I spent a week in London – touring with 20 students, so I didn’t get a huge amount of time to  follow sewing pursuits. But I did get a change to visit both Goldhawk Street and Walthamstow Market and TMOS (Karen will be able to tell you all you need to know about him).

After I’d been to TMOS first there wasn’t much that exists in the world of fabrics that I had not bought yet, so I only bought one fabric in Goldhawk road, which told me it wanted to be made into a pair of late summer trousers..


They are, of course, completely OTT, but isn’t it the most fun fabric all the same? Unfortunately its quality is not very good: it grows considerably during wear and although I have worn those trousers only twice it has already started pilling a little bit where the legs rub together. So they might well be the trouser of only one summer…. We’ll see! That’s what you get for buying cheap fabric, I suppose.


I used my usual trouser pattern, Burdastyle 11/2012 #107. I made the pattern so many times, but this time I decided to try a side zip rather than the front fly. I thought this would be a quicker make and more flattering to the tummy. The later may be true, the former certainly wasn’t as the zip broke after the first wash and I had to replace it. That’s what you get for buying cheap zippers of some guy off ebay… Lesson learned, I only buy the expensive OPTI zips (one for the price of four off ebay) now, after three of the crappy zips broke on me in a row.



Let’s not talk about my need for a racerback bra – I only included these pictures to show how those trouser fit.


The sweater is one I knitted about five years ago and probably only wore once or twice until I forget about it. I recently did a bit of a wardrobe purge and came across it again. During the purge I tried to follow the Mari Kondo mantra of “Only keep what sparks joy!”

I found joy a bit of a strong word for the purposes of tidying. I get joy from my family, from nature, from a sunset at the beach, an evening with my friends, I don’t really associate joy with clothes (although there are very clear exceptions, as the Siena dress proves.) 🙂

But of course I get the point behind the Kondo approach: get rid of stuff you don’t like, that doesn’t make you feel good. A few things in my wardrobe fell prey to that, but with a few others I really didn’t know. One example is this sweater, so I decided to wear it a few times in order to decide whether to keep or chuck it.

To be honest I still don’t know.


Let me leave you with a little flower and a look at the state of my nail varnish testing:

IMG_2458And a question: Should this sweater continue to have a home in my wardrobe or should it move on to a better place?

In Non-Sewing-News: Knitting Confusion

IMG_0653Child 1 wants herself a knitted sweater – but she does not want to knit it herself, so there’s a job for me. Though I’m not sure whether I’m making a job or a dog’s dinner of it – I have mega yarn-tangle issues on the inside!

Any ideas on how to avoid this? Do you have a magic system? Or do you – like I do – untangle regularly while swearing in the most undignified fashion?

Ode to Autumn

The weather has been so glorious around my parts that I almost feel the urge to wax lyrical. Well, almost, I think I’m going to save myself – and you – for another year and express my ode to autumn in the form of a three-for-the-price-of-one garment post.

IMG_0239So here we go: a Moss not-mini skirt, a hand-knit sweater and a stash-depletion-project coat, Burda Easy Autumn/Winter 2014 #1c.

IMG_0244This is Moss skirt no 4 in my wardrobe, no 1 is blogged here, the others only exist in real life. Nothing more needs to be said about this pattern – I love it! I have two long variations and two mini ones and all of them get worn regularly. It just dresses up or down so easily and the pattern works perfectly every time.

The sweater is probably my oldest UFO to date. I made it up in spring 2012 and lost all will to live before setting in the sleeves. IMG_0243But the other day I decided that enough is enough with my slovenly ways and I managed to complete the sweater. I’m sure I’ll wear it at least – hmmm – once before it gets too cold for it… Well, it’s all in the timing, ey?

IMG_0237The coat is a happy stash accident. I had this rather scratchy felted knit in my stash that I never knew what to do with (sales online purchase, the story of my life…). Then I decided that I might as well make it into a light autumn coat and then suddenly everything came together.

IMG_0246I found some leather and unneeded metal zips in my stash that now make up the pockets. And some leftover wax print for the seam bindings helped to avoid bulk around the seams.

The only thing I had to buy for this coat were the oversized snaps. I had worried about handsewing them on, but it turned out to be a piece of cake and from now on in I think I’m going to snap absolutely everything.

Because the fabric is really quite scratchy, I decided to cut the back facing in leather, because there’s nothing worse than a scratchy neck, don’t you think?


IMG_0245So there’s an artistic picture of the coat

and there a less artistic picture of me inside the coat:


IMG_0241I love this edition of Burda Easy by the way. It only has 4 patterns, but they come with lots of variations and I think to date I have made 7 garments from those patterns. That works out at a pattern cost of less than 1€ per garment – what’s not to like?

All in all this coat was completely unexpected and really I did not think I was going to make a coat until I actually sat down to make it. But as sometimes happens I have worn this loads in the last few weeks. It fills exactly the gap where a full on coat is still too warm but where I want a little more than just a jacket. AND getting this out of my stash has given me permission to do lots of new fabric shopping. Online, of course, because I just don’t learn 😉 .

So, how is your autumn going?

Sweaters for Spring

Yep, it’s sad but true: we are having the kind of spring here in Germany that makes it necessary to wear sweaters! It’s been so cold  – I went for a walk today in temperatures just above freezing… So all my spring clothes stay firmly in the cupboard and instead I have been busy making a couple of sweaters. No 1 is from issue 53 of Rebecca. and the pattern for No 2 is from some back issue of Verena, I can’t quite remember which one. Both Rebecca and Verena are German knitting magazines – I don’t know whether they might be available in other countries or other languages.

Normally, I like knitting sweaters more than wearing them, because I often find them too hot. But in current weather conditions maybe my knitting production comes in just right.  So this is no 1: A cut we Germans call “vokuhila” (vorn kurz, hinten lang – short at the front, long in the back).

The yarn is a special design from a IMG_2373wonderful seller who designs her own yarns. The picture does not do it justice: it’s a mixture of cream white with a light green and touches of lilac and ever so light. It really does make you think of spring, even though I almost got frostbite when taking the pictures.


When looking at the pictures I thought the cut of the sweater makes me look just a liiittle bit pregnant, so to prove I am not I have added a belt with sweater no 2 ;-).


I am having a major love affair with all shades of yellow at the moment, even though I am not sure it is a good colour on me. This shade of mustard/curry has been in the shops for months now, so maybe I at least be a fashion victim? What do you think?