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Three Shirts for Christmas


Well, here they are: matching Christmas shirts for the men in my life that I spent half of December making. Of course, only two shirts to be seen, these pictures were taken on Boxing Day when it was still impossible of prize the suit jacket off the shoulders of Child 2. It’s nice when one’s sewing is appreciated. And rest assured, there is a matching shirt underneath.



Aren’t they coming across all Ocean’s 11?


It’s Child 2’s birthday today – he is a teenager now, and a rather smart one at that, don’t you think?!


Said&Done HQ: A Look behind the Scenes

The blog’s been fairly quiet during recent weeks – which is not to say that I haven’t done any sewing. Quite on the contrary, I have been sewing like a mad woman (though there are people who say I should not make this a comparison but rather a statement of fact 😉 ) . And all of it selfless sewing, in honour of Child 2 who recently decided now that he’s about to turn into a teenager he might as well get interested in fine clothing, too. Well then, mum has to deliver, doesn’t she?

The big reveal is only going to be after Christmas/January, when this life-changing birthday is going to happen, but I will not let it be said that I did not do my bit to help rear another Richard Grant, of Sewing Bee Fame.


Selfless Sewing: Boy’s Shirt – As it happend

Unbeknown to each other, Tereasa from Navybluethreads and myself have found ourselves in the same place in life again: frantically making shirts for our sons, who have discovered that mum has neglegted them sewingwise for far too long. Teresa is going down the print road with her son’s shirt while over here Child 2 asked for a white shirt. Really he wants a suit, shirt and tie, but I just found that a bit too neo-con for a twelve-year old (remember there are no school uniforms here, so normally, a boy only gets his first suit for dancing lessons, if that), so I made him a navy pseudo-suit type jacket from sweat shirt fabric (unblogged) and now a white shirt.

I spent a couple of hours tonight and so far things are looking rather well:


I cut corners by not interfacing the button band and that shows through a bit, but I suppose once the band is closed it’s gonna be fine – I hope at least…

20151019_224048I used a Burda boys pattern in a size 156, but Child 2 has grown since I first made the patterns and is now more like a size 164, outside the Burda kids size range, but not inside the men’s range. So I just lengthened the pattern and put in a little pleat at the back to get some extra room.

The sleeve placket turned out really well:

20151019_224418I made them in about 20 minutes at the end of a long day spent sniffling with a head cold and not really on top of things – I sometimes think this is the best way of not overthinking scary sewing stuff. These are the best plackets I ever made, that’s for sure.
Clearly, my iron has issues and spouted water everywhere – I think we might have to part ways soon.
Originally I wanted to make a tower placket, but even after watching a couple of tutorials I couldn’t get my head around them, so they are left for another day with more brain power.

So I think a couple of hours well spent and a long way towards Child 2 actually getting something with long sleeves on him. He said we could also go and buy some shirts, but of course they wouldn’t be as good quality as if mom made them. Well, what can i say?! He knows how to play me…


In other sewing news I went to the fabric market on Saturday:

20151017_155255All of those fabrics have already been turned into pajamas for Child 3 – I seem to be on a selfless sewing run.


Burdastyle 3/2013 #147: A Threesome of Boy’s Shirts

I can report I completed my first bit of selfless sewing in a while, the shirts for Child 2 that I announced in my last post. Child 2 acknowledged them with a nod and an “Alright”, but he’s worn them almost continually ever since days in a row, so I suppose he must be pleased.


Given that this was my first attempt at shirt sewing and that pattern matching isn’t exactly my forte I think this has gone rather well.


My collar stands aren’t quite perfect yet, even on this shirt, which I made last of the three. Somehow the bit where you topstich the collarstand on the outside in order to secure the inside is still a bit beyond me. Maybe I need to baste down the inside first in order to get a nice even finish and only then topstitch on the outside?
Anyway, clearly my button sewing skills leave much to be desired. Or maybe it is that you can tell that this is the last button on the third shirt that I sewed and I had.really.lost.patience.

IMG_8897The back has a simple yoke and no pleat in the main body of the shirt. I was surprised to see how slim fitting the shirt is, given that Burda describe them as a “relaxed” fit. Child 2 is quite long and slim for his age (I made the largest size, 158), but he still found the sleeves slightly restrictive. You can see how the bottom part of the back arm scythe strains a little.

So next time I make this shirt (possibly for Child 3, as I have no larger size to go to for this pattern) I will add a little pleat in the centre back to give a little more room.

This is Shirt 1:



Child 2 says he feels as elegant in it as if he were going to a dance. I’m taking that as a compliment!



Can you see the little tab on the button placket? I only went and cut a hole in the button placket when cutting off some stray threads as basically the last thing in making this shirt. The only way I could think to save this was to add the tab an pretend it was a feature. Child 2 hasn’t questioned this, and I doubt he either reads my blog or understands enough English to know what’s going on, so I think I got away with it…

All the fabrics came from my stash (although some were bought a while ago in order to make some sort of boy’s clothing, so I’m not sure that counts as stash 😉 ) so that feels like a bit of an accomplishment. Moreover I feel I know what to do as far as basic shirt sewing is concerned and I know what to to better next time, though not necessarily how to do it better. I have two delicious fabrics set up for some shirts of my own, so hopefully I can post some selfish shirt sewing success – or 5S, as we say at Said&Done Industries!