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Me Made May 2015 Meets Wardrobe Architect

In the nick of time I’ve decided to sign up for MMM15.

For a while I was not sure what to commit myself to. Over half of my wardrobe is me made, so it would hardly be an endeavour to pledge to wear the usual “one me made garment per day”. So I decided to do something different:

 ‘I, Chris of Said&Done http://www.handmadebychris.wordpress.com, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15.
I endeavour to wear my me-made dresses in May 2015 (weather permitting) and analyse why I do or don’t like wearing them. I pledge to draw conclusions from my findings in order to sew more wearable dresses in the future.’

I`m thinking I might get the best of MMM and the Wardrobe Architect. I can join in the collective fun of MMM, but also I get to reflect a little about my me-mades in the real world.

You see, I have loads of dresses! And I want to sew even more of them. And my sewing is advanced enough so that most of the new dresses turn out wearable. But I don’t wear all of those dresses. Some of them stay in my wardrobe for years on end – and I couldn’t even say why.

So this year I would like to find out what puts some dresses in regular rotation and makes others stay on their hangers.

Because this is how I roll, I will make a list assessing the following categories:

  • style of dress
  • fit
  • colour/pattern
  • comfort factor of material
  • ease of care

I will then devise a plan for my future sewing that will allow me to avoid sewing dresses that I end up not wearing.

I kind a know already which dress will come out top in my list – the Siena dress. But it’ll be interesting to see why those full-skirted vintage style dresses that I love looking at don’t really get worn once the initial excitement is over.

Readers, how about you? Are you joininig Me Made May 15? And what is your pledge?


MMM 14 Roundup: Day 27 – 31 And a Painful Conclusion

Well, it’s done now! Me Made May 14 is history!

Can you believe that on the 31st I prepared two me-made outfits for the next two days because I had got so used to only wearing me-mades? Crazy, ey?! Once I realised that it is, in fact, now June I put both outfits back again and wore only RTW, just because I can 🙂

Anyways, here’s the roundup of the last few days:

Day 27:


My Job Interview Blouse and RTW skinnies. It’s actually the first time I have worn skinnies in a while, basically they were relegated to the back of my cupboard ever since I started making my own jeans. Nothing wrong with them though, maybe I should try my hand at skinnies too.


Day 28 and 28:

I assure you I did wear something – but I can’t for my life remember and I lost the photos due to some trigger-happiness with the delete button… Oh well…

Day 30 and 31:

I wore my new Northern Beach Dress for two days in a row. I know, I know, maybe that’s cheating, but I always want to get used to a new dress when I first made it. I will post about this dress as soon as I get around to it.




So conclusions:

  • Wearing me-mades was really quite easy. I pledge to wear one me-made each day, in fact I only wore RTW three times during the entire month. All three times were trousers. I do have in fact enought me-made trousers, so I don’t think that shows a gap in my wardrobe.
  • I do have one gap and that is decent looking lounge wear. I made a few bottoms that I would not dare to publish (although they get worn…), but I want to persevere and try to made lounge wear that is stylish and comfortable at the same time.
  • I kinda knew this already, but MMM has confirmed that I have way too many clothes. There were many, many me-mades that never made it into MMM. Dresses especially! I have so many and many of them I only wear a few times each year if that. So really, I should bite the bullet and sew a lot less or at least a lot more selectively. BUT I DON’T WANT TO!!! I don’t want to have to restrict my favourite hobby of all time!

So what to do? Sew less selfishly? That’s not such an easy thing. Most people around me don’t want my handmade clothes. My boys would wear them, but just because they will wear anything I put in front of them, so that is hardly an incentive. Moreover, in the sewing room I am a very selfish sewist at heart, I just enjoy making stuff for myself much more than making it for others. My job and family life are centered around doing things for others, so in the sewing room it’s all about ME, ME ME.

I do make quilts every once in a while and I do enjoy it, but the repetitiveness of quilting is not a replacement for the thrill of garment sewing at all.

I do try to take more time over my makes and to sew to a higher standard and I feel I have made some big improvement in my skill level. But a lot of the clothes I wear on a day to day basis are not complicated clothes and don’t warrant difficult or time-consuming makes.

Am I alone in this? Do some of you feel that realistically you should sew less? What do you do? How do you cope?



MMM14 Roundup: Day 20 – 26

This week has seen glorious weather, so there was the long-awaited chance to get out some summer clothes. But boy, have I had a week at work – that’s why this roundup only hits the blog at the end of MMM

Day 20:

For some reason unfathomable to me the link doesn’t show straight away, but this is what those shorts looked like last year:



I had a day off, so I reached for some shorts I made last year and my basic T. None of this is exciting, but it gets worn over and over again.


Day 21:


The green jeans are  only the third not me-made garment this month! And in fact ever since I started making my own jeans I keep noticing the fitting problems in RTW jeans. These ones for example have a lot of bagginess across the crotch and at the top of the seat and I am happy (and yes, a little proud too) that my me-made jeans actually fit me better than these. That must be a result in itself, no?

The top is another version of my basic raglan T – these babies just keep coming!

Day 22:

IMG_8117I was working from home and using the chance to wear this dress for the first time. It’s from Burdastyle 2/2013. Earlier this month I wore a top with sleeves based on the same pattern. I wasn’t sure whether the top isn’t a bit too maternity, but I am happier with the look on the dress, because the weight of the fabric streamlines the look a little bit and makes it clear that any amount of tummy is due to overeating, not pregnancy 😉

Day 23IMG_7965This is one result  of my recent maxi-dress knit craze. I paired it with a RTW waistcoat and a wide belt to make it look not completely as if I was thinking of the beach all the time. Not sure if I fooled anyone…

Day 24:

IMG_7959I. Really. Do. Want. To. Go. To. The. Beach!

Day 25

IMG_8071I wore this dress for the first time – it’s yet unblogged but hopefully I will get round to this soon. This is my second attempt at conquering the pointy boob dress, but this time I added a circle skirt rather than a straight skirt. I spent a whole day’s cycling in this, so I felt really 1950s style glamorous.


Day 26:

This is just a sneaky peak: It’s my entry to The Monthly Stitch Indie Dress competition. But psst, there are RULEZ and so I can’t say more about this dress at this point.



What transpires at the end of this week is that I have far too many clothes!! There are so many me-mades, even recent ones, that I haven’t even had the chance to wear once. I really should sew less…

No, you’re right, I didn’t really think that 🙂

The 7/8th Knit Dress Craze

Somebody switched on summer around my parts! Suddenly, literally over night, it became warm enough for sleeveless dresses and little sandals!

Which gives my plenty of opportunity to show off the latest dress craze that has come out of my sewing room: Almost full length knit maxi dresses.


IMG_7965I made two so far, both from 1.5m precuts of various knit fabrics. That’s where the 7/8th length comes from – it is as far as 1.5m of fabric will go on me. I think properly full length might look a little bit better, but I`m just not elegant enough to wear full length: I keep stepping on the hem, ripping it down in the process, when I walk up stairs the gathered up skirt  doesn’t make me look like a picture floating elegance but like a slightly overworked washer woman – in short, full length maxis make me nervous and I get all worked up and hot and bothered about them, and if there is one thing I don’t want my clothes to do then it’s make me hot and bothered, so not quite full length it is! Glad I got that out of the way!

IMG_7959IMG_7966I kinda used a pattern for this: Burdastyle 3/2014 # 125

I took the bodice part and lengthened it as far as the fabric would go. For the printed dress I cut on little dolman sleeves, basically by eyeballing it. The length of those sleeves again is determined by the width of the fabric: from sleeve to sleeve I had 70cm, half of a 140cm width of fabric.

IMG_7961I probably should have put the darker areas over my bottom so as to not emphasise it quite so much, but again, the fabric placement I ended up with was the only one possible with the amount of  fabric I had.

Let’s have a look at the de-accessorized version:

IMG_7969(By the way, I never found that cardie again that I lost in my hot-flush-induced defeat at layering ;-).  Oh well…)

IMG_7970I have to admit that I like these dresses a lot more “live” than in those pictures. Worn live they swish and move around the body in a way that I really like. On a picture, at least with the posing that I am capable of, they look more sack-like. At least I hope that’s only in the pictures… Here’s to hoping I haven’t been walking around in the West’s answer to the burqa for days…

IMG_7973The green and white striped version has pockets too – just because I could!

IMG_7974Back view, again displaying my husband’s idea of “darling, it looks absolutely fine” 😉 . Can you see my waistcoat and belt tossed to the side? That’s me and layering in a nutshell!

So there we are: I’ve gone all out for the simple knit dress craze. No great feat of sewing, that’s for sure. But I think these might become my most worn dresses of the summer.

How about you: Have you found any dresses that you have gone crazy for?

MMM14: “Chris, get your act together!” – Solemn Resewlution!

So far MMM14 has gone rather well for me in as much as I have managed to wear only me-made outerwear so far. However, it made me realise that there are a couple of garments I would like to wear but cannot – because they are not actually finished.
Yes, I have a rather embarrassing number of WIP hanging around that annoy the hell out of me, so I have decided to publicly commit myself to finishing them during the month of May.
So here go my solemn “Chris, get your act together”-resewlutions:

During MMM14 I am going to:
– finish those brushed cotton trousers that ONLY NEED A WAISTBAND
– finish the zip and vent on that blue and aqua dress that’s been hanging around since March
– finish the waistband and belt loops on those light blue trousers – for goodness sake, one side of the waistband is even done!!
– put the belt loops on those navy trousers that you wanted to wear LAST FRIDAY !!!
– sew up that green and white maxi dress – come on, just change the thread on the serger and coverstitch, it’s not that bad a job.

Phew, hopefully naming and shaming is going to help me… well, get my act together. I have a couple of days almost off work this week, so no time like the present!

And apropos of nothing and because I have no new sewing related photo, have a look at this rainbow. Hopefully there is a pot of gold at its end!


In other sewing news I have also finished making the most gorgeous silk blouse out of one of my recent Goldhawk Road purchases. I have got a job interview on Friday, so I want to wear it then for luck :-).

How’s your WIP pile looking? Any shameful secrets 😉 ?

MMM14 Day 11: Red Moss and Green (S)Leaves

Does anybody remember Jesse from the Fast Show? It’s the guy who used to appear out of his barn/shed announcing: “This week I’ve been mostly eating potatoes”. Trust me, it was hilarious, you just had to have been there.

Anyway, this is what MMM feels to me: This week I’ve been mostly wearing clothes.

So from tomorrow I will move to the more sensible format of weekly roundups rather than daily posts.

For my last daily post I was wearing my latest version of the Moss skirt.


I am still grappling with the different properties of different fabric. My first version of the Moss was A LOT too loose, version 2 really quite tight, this version 3 is a little on the loose side again. But I think I might just add belt loops and be done with it :-).
However, this isn’t a fit issue of the pattern, the pattern is actually great. There are so many great versions of the Moss in blog land, just look at how Lizzy rocks her mini version!

I decided not to go for the mini, in contrast I used the hem bands AND added 5cm to the length. The way it is now is about the shortest I comfortably wear without tights (not today, I realise that, but I am hoping for some warmer weather…). I am tall, but not impressively so, but because I am quite high waisted the standard mini version just about covers my bum. Lots of tutting from my daughter just at the though ;-). I also don’t really tan much and my doctors says it’s a big bad skin cancer no-no for me to even try, so I prefer not to show too much leg.


The top is form and old Burdastyle (about mid 2000 I think). Digging out this top made me remember that I actually love the pattern so if I can still find the traced version (I know the actual train line pattern sheet went the way of all things a while ago) I might make up a version 2 soon.

Goodness, it’s almost the middle of May and it as so cold I had to dig out my thermal tights again!

What’s the weather like where you are? Do you find that for MMM you get to wear the clothes you actually want to?

MMM14 Day 9 or Why Layering Doesn’t Work for Me.


Look at me at the end of Day 9 of MMM14. I started wearing this dress with a cardigan and a skinny belt.

Then I somehow lost the cardigan at work (I get hot quite easily, so that came off and was forgotten somewhere).

Then the skinny belt, which was a little loose without the cardigan, started to annoy me, so it was shoved in my bag.

By the time I got into the house I kicked off my shoes.

So that’s why all those stylish, carefully layered looks defeat me. I just never remember where all my layers are…

IMG_7907On the plus side, this is my most widely used pattern of all times.

IMG_7906 I don’t even remember which issue of Burdastyle this came from, it’s in fact the lining pieces of a gathered cowl neck dress. I once tried the gathered version, but I was really annoyed by having to do different amounts of gathers on front and back pieces, so I ended up using the ungathered lining pieces only. I have dresses, tops, both with and without sleeves galore off this pattern.

Making the dress took around an hour, so if I run out of stuff to wear during MMM I can quickly whip up another version 😉