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The Internet – A Wonderful Thing

Look what I have got:

IMG_5899Is that some yardage and a jelly roll of Winter’s Lane, I hear you ask?

IMG_5900It most certainly is! I have been dreaming about this for months! And look what else:

IMG_5902IMG_5903Fabric Christmas cards and gift tags! Isn’t that the loveliest idea ever?? I have no idea what to do with fabric Christmas cards exactly, but they are adorable. And have you seen the selvage? Delightful, I’m sure you’ll agree.

But there is more:

IMG_5901A fat quarter bundle of Cuzsco. My world is happy today!

And what does the internet have to do with this? Well, sourcing these fabrics in Germany is hard, often even not possible. Ordering these fabrics via the internet from the US is easy – but postage is expensive, often amounting to more than the actual fabrics and then the parcel might be stuck in customs for ages and I might have to drive to the customs office (around 25km) in order to release the package.

But my husband spent some time in DC recently and so I ordered the fabrics in the US and had them sent to his hotel. And I didn’t even have to pay and sales tax, because the billing address is outside the US. Win-win, I would say (in fact that is the reason why the fabric Christmas cards were purchased, they were about what the sales tax would have been 🙂 )

And just apropos of nothing: I moved my camera about 20cm, and what did I get: a plastic “Mom, are you scared”-frog and one of many toy guns.IMG_5904The joy of living with boys, ey?!

So how about you: Do your fabrics mingle with life? Or do you sew in meditative peace and quiet?


Burda 6/2012: Hooded Towel

For his second birthday my little nephew will get a favourite spring/summer toy: the Aquaplay canal system. My kids used to love building dams, transporting the little ships from canal to canal and generally getting very wet very soon. So what could complement this present better than a lovely fluffy towel to dry the little engineer off? Said & done, I thought and made a hooded towel inspired by Burda 6/2012.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did’t actually trace the pattern as I already had a hood salvaged off a top that seemed a bit too childish with a hood and so I just took inspiration from the technical drawing and the instructions and made up the towel as I went along.

It even comes with a monogram that I appliqued on.

So now it is time spring arrived. We are still languishing in temperatures just above freezing here, so I guess both the Aquaplay and the towel might have to wait for a little while for their first use.

Maybe my nephew (or rather his mum) lets me take a picture of him with the towel during his party. In this case I shall let you see a picture of the towel “in the flesh” as it were 😉