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Maison Victor: A little more jumping


You just need to look at the state of my garden to know that this is not a recent project. In fact, while I have been sewing a bit, the weather has been atrocious here, so no recent projects have outdoor pictures, consequently no blog posts about them.
This jumpsuit was made in May following a Maison Victor pattern.


It was very much a werable muslin kind of project. I loved the suit in the magazine but wasn’t sure if I would actually like to wear it. In fact I’m still not sure it’s all that flattering on me, but I’ve worn it a few times during the summer and into early autumn, so I guess that tells me it’s  a winner.


The bottoms are like wide leg culottes, but I fell for the interesting arm scythe of the bodice.


Objectively speaking there is something a little off about these arm scythes on me. I can’t pin point what it is, but something bothers me when I look at it on a picture. But it’s a garment that is fun to wear and apparently a little fashion forward – I got a few compliments from friends as well as strangers who asked which shop I had bought it from, so that’s all good.

This is definitely the last of my summer garments that I have pictures for. The wax print dirndl did get finished but never worn as intended as the weather turned just days before the October fest style event I wanted to wear it for. But there is always next year for that!




The Jumping out of Summer Jumpsuit

I realize I might be going on a bit about this – but I loved our recent holiday to Mallorca! Of course, I had a suitcase full of newly made clothing with me, mainly because our summer here in Germany had been quite cool and so my plans of wearing all my new clothes all summer long had been frustrated.


Case in point is this crazy patterned jumpsuit. I only wore it once before showing off in an old castle overlooking the marina of Palma de Mallorca!


But when I did take it on its first outing it was to a worthy destination: the city of Bamberg’s rose garden. I know, this blog seems to be turning into a travel blog all of a sudden. But I’m sure normal service will resume shortly, once I’ve overcome the realisation that German autumn and winter is a 5-month-long reality against which resistance is futile…


The jumpsuit is a hack of one of this summer’s little frilly tops that Burdastyle was full of and the BHL Holly bottoms.


The bathroom question was solved by adding a back split and tie. Please excuse the bra – I didn’t have a strapless bra with me on holiday…


So with this I’m jumping out of summer and hope to be able to blog about my autumn sewing soon.

Fashion Style/Knipmode 6/2015: I made another Jumpsuit…

Well, what can I say?! A lot of radio silence from me over the last few weeks – somehow, summer makes me partly stressed out (that would be July, we only finish school on 31 July, so this month with all the end of year activities in my school + the end of year activities for 3 kids keeps me really busy) and partly chilled into a stupor (that would be August where I take weeks to recover from said end of year activities).
But of course you didn’t come here to listen to blabla about my life – or maybe you did, considering all I have to show you is ANOTHER jumpsuit?!

Let’s try from a distance so you can get used to the idea:


If you think you have seen these kinds of pictures before it only serves to remind you that another year has passed. The photoshoot of our local festivies from last year is here (including me in a Dirndl, if you fancy a bit of the old Sound of Music vibe).

You still with me? OK then, let’s get a bit closer:


This is the playsuit version of the title model of Fashion Style/Knipmode 6/2015. I was working on a stash busting project, and because I had only 2 metres of 115cm width cotton I decided to make a playsuit rather than a full length jumpsuit. I also took out quite a lot of width from the top as I was using a quilting cotton rather than the rayon the pattern suggests. For a mid-weigth cotton the fullness would have been just too much.


The pattern has you close the bow at the back of the neck, but I found easy access from the front a much better idea. Plus I’m trying to convince myself that the bow across the collar bone is a fun and flirty idea.


It is very light and breezy which has been useful during the last few weeks which have been the hottest on record ever. I tell you, I keep complaining I want a proper summer, but when it comes to weeks of temperatures of 35 degrees + I just want it to stop. I guess I’m just not made from the right stuff after all.

Well, not much more to be said about this. I actually made two more jumpsuits which I don’t have pictures for just yet – the heat!!! But I will be going to Florida very shortly, so maybe I get a chance to have some tropical pictures taken. I guess not a lot of fabric shopping will take place there, the present course of the dollar vs. the Euro takes the fun out of that, I guess.

So have a very nice rest of the summer (with or without jumpsuits ;-)! )  and I’ll be back with more regular service once we are back to school by mid-September. But let me walk into the sunset first:


Ready for Touch Down: Jumping out of June!

Hasn’t June been amazing? Quite possibly for many reasons, but especially because of Jumping into June. So many of you have sewed and blogged about their jumpsuits – it’s been great fun to see make after make being added to the linkup party.

As of tonight it looks like this:


Utterly amazing, don’t you think? Have a look at the clickable linkup party page here:

Which one is your favourite?

And do you have another jumpsuit to show? Then don’t despair – even though June ends today you can still add your make to the linkup party by clicking here.

Thank you so much to all of you who took part in Jumping into June and to all of you who looked at the posts and took the time to comment, encourage and enable.

You are the best!

Now who’s up for the next round of themed sewing? And what’s it to be?


Burdastyle 7/2015 #123: One Last Jumpsuit. Promised! #jumpingintojune


oh dear…

You know where this is going, don’t you?

My dad always used to say “Chris never knows when to stop” – so yes, I made another jumpsuit!

Landing right now:

IMG_1799(All photography curtesy of a rather uninterested 12-year old… )

So, let’s have a proper look at what is definitely my last contribution to Jumping into June:


This is what I call my Beach Bum Jumpsuit, a nice complement to the Aviator, the Holly and the Fake Jumpsuit, I think. It comes from the most recent issue of Burdastyle, 7/2015 #123.


While this wasn’t hard to sew technically I still had a slightly hard time to make it look like the model picture. I had to make a few changes:

  • shorten the straps by at least 7cm – didn’t really measure, just took off what it took to make the armhole an armhole rather than a “full frontal view of the complete chest area”-hole. Honestly, you can tell from the model picture that it is quite lose, but what results from the pattern is something else.
  • change the order of construction of the straps. For the first time ever I really, really couldn’t make head or tail of the instructions. I was raised on Burdastyle, so normally I just grit my teeth, soldier on and work out the instructions, but this time inspite of reading them several time I just didn’t get it. However, the technical drawing makes it clear what you want to end up with and so it was easy enough to figure out a way of attaching the front  straps to the back. My way had the advantage that it is open to determining the length as the last step. They don’t sit quite flat, but I’d lost the will to live once I got where I am now, so they are there to stay, at least for the moment.
  • add a front button band rather than a back zip. I just thought that a back zip and urgent toilet business are not a happy combination, I saw myself with a stuck zipper desperate for the bathroom, so in came the buttons. In fact I really like the way it breaks up the front, so I’m happy with in on an aesthetic as well as practical level.


  • sew the drawstring casing to the outside rather than do the inside + button hole option. Again, I quite like the fake-belt look of the contrast fabric.
    A little word of warning: The dropped waist is very dropped indeed. So dropped in fact that it really looks ridiculous and is quite restricitive as well because it results in limited leg movement.
    IMG_1795Burda make a big thing out of how the dropped waist conceals a lack of waist definition. Well, I think that’s only gonna work if you lack waist definition because you are so skinny you don’t have any curves. If you lack waist definition because of a overabundance of curves I don’t see the tent-with-drawstring look doing you any favours. Anyways, I’m only gonna wear this with the crotch hoiked up!

So altogether this isn’t the chicest garment I ever made, but I really love the relaxed vibe. When I put it on I feel like walking as if I was wearing flip-flops. The fabric is the lightest cotton lawn – it’s so light and breezy it puts me in a holiday mode when I put this on. Unfortunately I have to wait until the beginning of August until my holiday. Oh welll…


So I bow out of Jumping into June. It is such fun to see you all joining in. I must say that I’m cured of all jumpsuit-related scepticism – it’s all the way from Saula to Paula for me.

Don’t forget to add your jumpsuits to the linkup party for #jumpingintojune and go and have a look at all the wonderful contributions.


Jumping into June – Linkup Party

Let’s celebrate the power of the jumpsuit! Let’s celebrate Jumping into June!
If you’ve sewn a jumpsuit in or for June, please add the link to your blog below. That way we can have the most wonderful collection of jumpsuits all together. In order to view the full lineup you can click on the Linkup button.

Thanks for being part of Jumping into June!

Spread the word using #jumpigintojune!

Knipmode/Burdastyle 4/2015 # 103 Combo: Almost a Jumpsuit #jumpingintojune

Look what’s landed:


Yes, you see correctly: almost a jumpsuit! I got so inspired by #jumpingintojune that I decided to make a matching set of trousers and top to recreate the look of a jumpsuit while preserving the versatility and ease of bathroom access of separates. On the minus side I do get to flash some tummy while jumping. But I seem to jump a lot more rarely in real life than this blog suggests so I’m fine with that.


So there I am in my natural habitat, outside the Gasthaus Wilder Man (the Inn called “Wild Man”) – tbh, I’ve never been inside inspite of having lived here for 15 years, but the ice cream parlour is just opposite :-).


I used some emerald green rayon crepe which I completely fell in love with. At first I thought it contained some portion of poly because it really is quite thick and doesn’t crease all that much, but  burn test confirmed that indeed it just seems to be rayon. It comes in coral too – I can see a bout of late night fabric shopping coming on…

IMG_1733 Like my Aviator jumpsuit this is fully versatile: Suitable for turning round

IMG_1735and walking! I’ve made some jaunty turnups for the legs when wearing it with flats, but it could also be worn with heels.


The trousers pattern is from Kniipmode, a Dutch sewing magazine. I can just about work out the instructions although I don’t speak any Dutch at all, but it seems to be similar enough to both English and German for me to work it out. Plus, on a woven tracksuit pattern there really isn’t any great challenge of how to make these up. The top is my new favourite Burda woven top, 4/2015 # 103. This is my third version, version one, without the hem band is here.

What I like about it is the arm scythe:

IMG_1737It’s breezy and flowy but still offers full coverage, at least on the less well endowed. Both armhole and neckline are finished with bias tape, so this isn’t the fastest make, but while it takes a little bit of time it is not a complicated sew.

IMG_1739As you can see I had my hair cut, much to the chagrain of my colleagues who much preferred it longer. I seem to get a short hair flash every year summer starts – I had it cut the same length (though a slightly different colour) the same time last year.


My husband forced my to take off my sun glasses, aka No Makeup Protection, once in the icecream parlour. At least I contrast coloured my drinks! All in the name of fashion, ey?!

If you haven’t got thirsty by now, go and have a look at the wonderful jumpsuit creations that Jumping into June has generated.
And if you’ve gone thirsty, go have a drink and then have a look at the wonderful jumpsuit creations that Jumping into June has generated.

Happy June to all of you!