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Is it still June?

No, I didn’t think so.
But I still thought I’ll leave you with a little reminder of the fun that was
Jumping into June.


Not a jumpsuit, I know, but mighty fine jumping, don’t you think?


Ready for Touch Down: Jumping out of June!

Hasn’t June been amazing? Quite possibly for many reasons, but especially because of Jumping into June. So many of you have sewed and blogged about their jumpsuits – it’s been great fun to see make after make being added to the linkup party.

As of tonight it looks like this:


Utterly amazing, don’t you think? Have a look at the clickable linkup party page here:

Which one is your favourite?

And do you have another jumpsuit to show? Then don’t despair – even though June ends today you can still add your make to the linkup party by clicking here.

Thank you so much to all of you who took part in Jumping into June and to all of you who looked at the posts and took the time to comment, encourage and enable.

You are the best!

Now who’s up for the next round of themed sewing? And what’s it to be?


Burdastyle 7/2015 #123: One Last Jumpsuit. Promised! #jumpingintojune


oh dear…

You know where this is going, don’t you?

My dad always used to say “Chris never knows when to stop” – so yes, I made another jumpsuit!

Landing right now:

IMG_1799(All photography curtesy of a rather uninterested 12-year old… )

So, let’s have a proper look at what is definitely my last contribution to Jumping into June:


This is what I call my Beach Bum Jumpsuit, a nice complement to the Aviator, the Holly and the Fake Jumpsuit, I think. It comes from the most recent issue of Burdastyle, 7/2015 #123.


While this wasn’t hard to sew technically I still had a slightly hard time to make it look like the model picture. I had to make a few changes:

  • shorten the straps by at least 7cm – didn’t really measure, just took off what it took to make the armhole an armhole rather than a “full frontal view of the complete chest area”-hole. Honestly, you can tell from the model picture that it is quite lose, but what results from the pattern is something else.
  • change the order of construction of the straps. For the first time ever I really, really couldn’t make head or tail of the instructions. I was raised on Burdastyle, so normally I just grit my teeth, soldier on and work out the instructions, but this time inspite of reading them several time I just didn’t get it. However, the technical drawing makes it clear what you want to end up with and so it was easy enough to figure out a way of attaching the front  straps to the back. My way had the advantage that it is open to determining the length as the last step. They don’t sit quite flat, but I’d lost the will to live once I got where I am now, so they are there to stay, at least for the moment.
  • add a front button band rather than a back zip. I just thought that a back zip and urgent toilet business are not a happy combination, I saw myself with a stuck zipper desperate for the bathroom, so in came the buttons. In fact I really like the way it breaks up the front, so I’m happy with in on an aesthetic as well as practical level.


  • sew the drawstring casing to the outside rather than do the inside + button hole option. Again, I quite like the fake-belt look of the contrast fabric.
    A little word of warning: The dropped waist is very dropped indeed. So dropped in fact that it really looks ridiculous and is quite restricitive as well because it results in limited leg movement.
    IMG_1795Burda make a big thing out of how the dropped waist conceals a lack of waist definition. Well, I think that’s only gonna work if you lack waist definition because you are so skinny you don’t have any curves. If you lack waist definition because of a overabundance of curves I don’t see the tent-with-drawstring look doing you any favours. Anyways, I’m only gonna wear this with the crotch hoiked up!

So altogether this isn’t the chicest garment I ever made, but I really love the relaxed vibe. When I put it on I feel like walking as if I was wearing flip-flops. The fabric is the lightest cotton lawn – it’s so light and breezy it puts me in a holiday mode when I put this on. Unfortunately I have to wait until the beginning of August until my holiday. Oh welll…


So I bow out of Jumping into June. It is such fun to see you all joining in. I must say that I’m cured of all jumpsuit-related scepticism – it’s all the way from Saula to Paula for me.

Don’t forget to add your jumpsuits to the linkup party for #jumpingintojune and go and have a look at all the wonderful contributions.


Jumping into June – Linkup Party

Let’s celebrate the power of the jumpsuit! Let’s celebrate Jumping into June!
If you’ve sewn a jumpsuit in or for June, please add the link to your blog below. That way we can have the most wonderful collection of jumpsuits all together. In order to view the full lineup you can click on the Linkup button.

Thanks for being part of Jumping into June!

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