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Coated Denim Ginger Jeans #JeansInJanuary

Unfortunately these pictures are not really going to show anything: coated black denim, winter days and Child 2 as photographer with a fashion tolerance of milliseconds do not a great marriage make! But trust me: the fabric is coated black denim, the pattern is Ginger high-waist skinny:




Can you see how thoughtfully I have accessorized this with my work key band? AND: Can you see the shocking lack of pattern matching on this RTW top, where the simply cut the pattern in half (well, just shy of the geometric middle…) and then inserted the zip. Quite, quite shocking, I’m sure you’ll agree. It wouldn’t have happened to us, ey?


Crossed over leg, hand on hair is what I have learned to be my fashion pose 😉

And just because I thought it might be nice to show a me-made garment where you can actually kinda make out some details, here is a picture with version 2 of my Copying a Statement vest (version 1 here)



This was make from a long-time stash resident, an acyrlic knit that I originally bought for a sweater, but then realised that the artificial fibre makes it very sweaty for me. A sleeveless vest seemed just the right solution to save this from the donation pile. This time the edges are simply overlocked. I didn’t even turn them and topstitch them down as this would have distorted the drape of the vest. As it happens you can hardly see the overlocking anyway.

So there, this is my contribution for Jeans in January. There are also these Jalie flares, but to be honest I made those in December. I also started some Ginger corduroys but ran into trouble at the last minute and got disenchanted with the project, so those might not get finshed this side of spring.

I am really please with the way the Gingers turned out, by the way. I used the skinny pattern but made the legs a bit wider below the knee so I end up more with a straight leg. I’ve already pencilled in some white denim from the stash for a second pair of straight leg jeans. Judging from wearing those Gingers for a few days there is not much to choose between them and my usual jeans pattern, Burdastyle 3/2014 #113, which there are many iterations of on the blog. So all things being equal I will make the Gingers again, because cutting is a lot faster with them (I never put the seam allowances on my Burda patterns and only add them when cutting, so that makes cutting a bit more time consuming). I doubt i will be able to finish the white pair in January, but maybe if I start them in January they will still count as a contribution to Jeans in January?

Have you seen the first contributions to Jeans in January popping in? There have already been some great ones, others are still in the pipeline.  If you are taking part, make sure you let me know in the comments if you have blogged about your jeans so I can make a compilation of them all in February.


Happy New Year – Now with Instagram Account!

A very happy new year to everyone! I hope your celebrations were as healthy as they were happy – may 2016 bring to you much joy and lots of good sewing.
I have started as I mean to go on and made an Instagram account for myself today. I’m still feeling my way around it, but have managed to start following a few of you and have even written a comment or two and posted a couple of pictures. If you want to follow me, you’ll find me as Said&Done Chris! And don’t forget, if you’re taking part in Jeans in January (oops, suddenly that means “Jeans NOW”…) the hashtag is, of course, #jeansinjanuary !

I’ve been very wary about Instagram in the past, mainly because I don’t understand all the privacy implications, but also because I’ve heard it mentioned that Instagram makes people read blogs less. Now, I absolutely love reading blogs and thought anything that systematically decreased blog readership, and consequently blog authorship, must be the work of the devil. But then many of you have sung the praised of Instagram and so I promised I would look into it. So there!

This has jumpstarted me into action and I have now assembled the Ginger PDF (creating the worst dog’s dinner of pdf assembly in the history of pdfs), cunningly trying to combine the stovepipe leg version with the high-waist of the skinny version. I’m making the muslin as we speak – you will see the results on Instagram, of course!

My Plans for Jeans in January

It’s easy to loose one’s sewing focus, what with Christmas just around the corner, meals to be prepared, parties to celebrated, champagne to be drunk etc. So in order not to forget what is what and where it’s at I thought I should announce my sewing plans for Jeans in January.

So: In January I plan to:

  1. Sew another, fitting, pair of Jalie 2908, from a light denim that I recently acquired
  2. Muslin the Ginger Jeans pattern, trying to frankenpattern the high-waist of the skinnies onto the stovepipe-leg-version
  3. Sew a pair of Gingers following the results of the muslin in navy corduroy (recently acquired)
  4. If this results in a TNT, sew a pair of Gingers in black, coated denim (from the stash, was meant to be jeans early this year but deemed to out there – but then, the older I get the closer I get to “crazy old lady” territory, so I might try out there again.
  5. Get rivets and try to adorn my jeans with rivets. I do already have the hammer!
  6. Maybe, possibly sew a pair of white Jalies (from stash) – I kinda fancy a pair of bootcut white jeans, I have a vision of lazily slouching by the pool in them. If  I don’t wake up the the reality of a German January and still have time I might just make them…
  7. Possibly join Instagram. I have been wary of adding another social media channel to my list as I feel there can be too much of a good thing, but I have heard instagram praised so much (my reader Marianne called it a game-changer, so there is that), that I’d like to look into it.
  8. Also (and entirely unconnected to Jeans in January) I’d like to announce a 3-month stash diet as from January. I have SO MUCH fabric in my stash right now, emergency measures are in order.


Although I might post again this year if I can in the mince-pie induced stupor that is the holiday season, I better wish you a wonderful time at Christmas. Have a great new year and see you again in 2016 at the latest, whether for Jeans in Januar or other sewing business.

xx Chris



Announcing Jeans in January #jeansinjanuary

Ali of Thimberlina and I have been at it again! After the fun that was Jumping into June we’ve decided to start another sewing collaboration: Jeans in January. And we’d like you to come along for the ride!

The idea materialised when we realised we both had the Ginger jeans sewing pattern but hadn’t got round to making it yet.  If I interpreted the comment section of the relevant blog post correctly, we aren’t the only ones. So maybe it is time to pull out all the stops and start making those jeans in January.

Like with Jumping into June there aren’t that many rules, no judgment and there aren’t any prizes, I’m afraid, only the glory of having made your own jeans.

  • So basically: If you fancy taking part in Jeans in January, just say so in the comments. I will compile and update a list of all those who want to join in.
  • The goal is to sew a pair of Jeans by or during January. Whether this is your first pair or your 100th is of no concern to Jeans in January.
  • You decide which pattern to make. So you can dust off all those Ginger printouts that seem to be hidden in pattern drawers, make one of the flared jeans patterns that are coming out now or even attempt a pair of jeggings.
  • Use the fabric you want your jeans to be in! Go for denim if that tickles your fancy, but you can certainly choose a different fabric if you wish – how about Jungle Jeans in January? Or some nice corduroy flares? That might be what I’m going for…
  • Once you are done, let me know the link to your blog post so I can organise a line-up of all your wonderful results.
  • Oh, and of course if you are on Twitter, use #jeansinjanuary as your hashtag!

So hopefullly many of you want to join in. Just let me know in the comments!