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My Jeans in January Debut: Jalie Flares

Well, to be completely honest, I cheated a little bit – I completed these jeans around Christmas, but I thought given that I’m hosting Jeans in January I should step up and show you a pair of jeans early on in January.


So here they are: the mother of all flared jeans patterns, Jalie 2908, high-rise version. I made those last year in a non-stretch denim and wore them exactly once as they proved far to tight and uncomfortable. This time I learned and used a medium-stretch denim (marked as 3% lycra, but a LOT less stretchy than my 3% stretch corduroy) and the pattern cut in the same size as last year came out quite roomy.


I’m a pear shape and so theoretically, the flares should balance out any extra weight around the hips. I’m not really sure this theory works for me – at the very least I would need to wear serious heels to achieve the leg-elongating look. But then I work standing up, serious heels simply are not an option for me.


(Disclaimer ahead of the next picture: May I ask my reader Mia to avert her eyes as there is a major vpl-situation going on here. I do realise, but I’m afraid if it’s thong v. vpl, vpl will win in my case…)


Here’s the arty shot that the photography on this blog is famed for 😉 : me next to some art.

In this version of the flares I had a major face-palm moment when I realised a mistake I had made last time round. I had somehow managed to use the front leg of the low rise version together with the back leg of the high-rise version. Don’t ask me how I had made those to match up at the side seam, but I did manage it. This time around I amended that mistake, used the high-rise version all around and magically, the fit is a lot more comfortable.

And now, not because I’m uber-critical or because I’d like to make an ablology, but just because we all live and learn, let me draw your attention to what happens if you go against Chris’s 9th rule of sewing jeans and put the button in the wrong place:


Yep, it’s zipperband-gapeage! If the button is too far towards the corner of the inside waistband it will distort the waistband when closed and the button band will gape. And that makes you look as if your jeans don’t fit when in reality they do. And that’s never a pretty thought, don’t you agree?

Overall I’m not too sure what to make of the flares. Sewing-wise I’m pleased how these turned out, they fit well and are very comfortable. But fashion-wise I just don’t know, I still feel a bit frumpy and dated in them. Strange, on others I kinda like the retro-vibe of the flares, but on me I’m just not really convinced. I have been wondering whether they might look a bit more fashion in a lower rise so there isn’t quite so much jeans fabric overall. But then I suffer from tummy-flab-anxietiy-disorder (TFAD, it’s a condition, you know?!), so low-rise jeans are a thing of the past for me.

However, inspite of my reservations about flares, if you are enamoured of the trend, you are in luck: Heather Loo just published a flare extension for her Ginger pattern, so if you want to make your Gingers into flares (and properly stylish ones at that), you can do so in time for Jeans in January!

If you are taking part in Jeans in January, how are your sewing plans coming along? Do say in the comments!
I almost finished my first pair of Gingers – I say almost, because I realised I had put on the waistband bottom-up (so that the smaller curved side is attached to the body of the jeans and the larger curved side now stands away from my waist – a truly comical look). Major face-palm moment! So all of that has to come off again, including belt loops and button for a second attempt. Next time, I’m not gonna do this after midnight, though. Live and learn, live and learn!


A Look Down Memory Lane – in Honour of Jeans in January

Thank you so much to all of you who’ve already said they will join Jeans in January – and a big welcome to those of you who are still thinking about it!
A few of you are planning to make their first ever pair of jeans, some want to hone their craft. I kinda fall into both categories.
I made a fair few pair of jeans, using three different patterns, but I only wear one regularly.
The first pair of jeans I ever made was Burdastyle 4/2010 #120 . When I started making jeans I didn’t really understand about stretch percentages in fabrics yet – so some of the pairs I made form non-stretch or barely-stretch fabric were simply too tight (first try)


or too loose (second attempt).

I also decided that I perfer a higher rise that contains both muffin top and butt crack and so I stopped experimenting with this patten.

Then I tried bootcut jeans, Jalie 2908, again in a barely stretchy fabric, which unfortunately caused my completing a pair of jeans , pattern size chosed exactly according to my measurements, finished with lovingly executed top-stitching, that I wore exactly once.


It turned out so tight that my lady bits felt quite uncomfortable, so they went to the back of the cupboard to wait for slimmer days. Well, don’t hold your breath for a reappearance, I tried them on the other day and I can’t even do them up now. All those pies taste a lot better than their result looks… However, I’m certainly not done with this pattern, so a hopefully much better fitting version will feature in Jeans in January.

Finally, my third and (to date) only truly successful jeans pattern is Burdastyle 3/2014 #115. It’s my go to skinny jeans pattern and I lost count of the versions I made. Here, here, here and here is a little bit of evidence. But in fact the one pair of jeans that I wear most often isn’t even properly blogged:

Same pattern, look at the bottoms here, of course, not the blouse!


So by and large I’m really happy with this pattern – BUT I still have a little bit of an issue with the back crotch that isn’t quite 100 % the way I would like it.

I did consider the possibility that my behind might not be quite 100% the way I would like it, but in the world of all-shapes-are-beautiful-sewists that would be heresy, wouldn’t it?! So during Jeans in January I’m going to throw myself into the adventure of trying a new pattern, the Ginger, of course, because truly: I haven’t seen a single bad version of them in blogland ever.

How about yourselves? Do you have previous regarding jeans sewing? And highs or lows to share? Or are you one of the (apparently) many jeans virgins who printed off the Ginger and never managed or dared to go further?

Lizzy’s Jeans in June & July: Jalie 2908 Bootcut Jeans Finished

First of all I would like to thank all of you who gave such lovely comments on my Dress That Almost Was Not to Be! It’s been so nice to hear you like the dress – the online sewing community is, indeed, the best!

Having finished the dress with all the fiddling that entailed, I thought making jeans was a remarkably simple and relaxing project. Strange but true…

IMG_8600So here are my first bootcut jeans in a long time. I have got used to the slimmer silhouette so much that I wasn’t sure whether to try the bootcut style at all, but as these jeans are meant to be a wearable muslin I thought I might as well try.

IMG_8608What do you think about the look? Worth  exploring, or better to go back to the straight leg?


The jeans turned out a little bit tight across the hips and thighs, although I made them in the right size for my measurements. I suppose different fabrics have different rates of stretch and this denim isn’t all that stretchy. I hope they will relax a little, otherwise I will go up one size when I make these next.

IMG_8601Now with some trepidation for the booty shot. If you have been following this blog for any length of time you will know that the state of my VPL is under close surveillance. I think I’m not doing to badly this time (although, Mia, look away now, I’m not wearing my thong is these pictures):


I added 2,5cm to the hight of the CB and in principle it was a good idea to give a little more booty room. This way the jeans stay up much better, because the back rise covers the – well – backside all the way. What this has done though is destroy the proportions of the back yoke. It is attached almost horizontally now rather than by making a V-shape as it should be. Next time I will hopefully remember to divide the extra hight between the yoke pattern piece and the back crotch.


So altogether I like what I see. Clearly, there is room for improvement, but I think for a first muslin these turned out well. The Jalie pattern works really well for me, however, I did not look at the instructions as I supposed these would be made up like the other jeans I made.

So thank you Lizzy for inspiring me to try a new jeans pattern! Originally I thought I would make these up only to honour Lizzy’s challenge. However, it is pouring with rain at the moment and has got really cold, so the jeans will make their first proper outing tomorrow.

I’m even thinking I might try another new pattern. I have seen a few versions of the Named Jamie which I really like (although Lizzy points out that she isn’t feeling the love) and I found a Burda pattern that seems similar enough:


This is Burdastyle 8/2012 #129. It is meant to be a trouser, not a jeans, pattern, but the treatment of the front leg is quite similar to the Jamie. I have a lot of denim left, so if I get the time I might give these a try.

Lizzy’s Jeans in June and July: Jalie 2908 Bootcut Jeans, First Attempt

I’m sure you’ve heard of Sew Bussy Lissy’s Jeans in June and July challenge.

Jeans in June & July 2014 Basically you get what it says on the button: Lizzy will make a pair of jeans in June and July and so will I, because basically I will do whatever Lizzy tells me to do.

I’ve finally managed to get my hands on Jalie 2908 aka the jeans everybody is making. Yesterday I bought four metres of lightweight denim (online, to my absolute delight it was in the post today! That’s what I call great service!), today I speedwashed and dried the denim, traced the pattern and off I went with the first version.

I made the Jalie size V, which corresponds to a size 31/ German size 40 (on the slightly small side of a 40), but chosing the size according to my hip measurement.

I think it’s not going too badly:

IMG_8576The sideseams and inseams are only basted and I haven’t done the zip yet, but I think the crotch is going to be alright. There is a little tension just below the fly yet, but I’m  hoping that will relax out once I’ve worn the stretch denim for a while. It has the recommended 4% lycra and though it did not seem too stretchy when handling it I can feel it relaxing now as I wear the jeans.

IMG_8580The back seems okay too. Obviously I haven’t placed the pockets yet and  I think that bum really needs a bit of breaking up, but the fit seems okay. A few wrinkles here and there, but as I don’t know what to do about them and they don’t annoy me massively, I will declare them “normal”.
I lengthened the back rise by 2.5cm in the CB tapering to nothing at the side seams via slashing and spreading, but I think I overdid this a little bit. I didn’t add anything to the front rise, but should have done there. I used the low rise version of the Jalie pattern, but that might well be a bit too low for my taste/age/state of muffin top. We’ll see once the waist band is on.

IMG_8581IMG_8579Side seams seem okay, more or less perpendicular to the floor. There is a very slight curve, but I don’t think I will be able to improve on what I have here with my limited understanding of pants alterations.

I haven’t worn bootcut jeans for absolute ages and even considered altering them to make them straight, like most people who use this pattern seem to do. But then, I have my TNT straight jeans pattern, so I thought I might as well go for the whole Jalie look. I do kinda like it, in fact, although it will take a while to get used to boot cut jeans again.

So all in all I am encouraged. The fit is good enough for me to want to continue with this construction, so hopefully I can announce mission accomplished soon. Wouldn`t want to disappoint Lizzie, would I??!! 🙂