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By Hand London Georgia: Again!


Following on from my slightly hysterical excitement about my first Georgia I suppose no-one is surprised I made another. In fact I had plans for months, but only got the right fabric a little while ago – which is as well because I can now enter this dress into the Indie Dress competition over at The Monthly Stitch.



I can’t say much more about the construction of the dress than I did last time. I sewed a size 10 grading out to a 12 from the waist straight from the envelope and the only change I made was lengthening the dress by about 5cm.

My husband even did some fancy stuff with the camera!


I just hope the nice weather is going to hold, because I feel with this dress, lots of al fresco cocktail sipping is in order!



By Hand London: Georgia Finished!

If you have read a few posts in this blog you will have realised that I get excited quite easily, maybe a bit too easily. Usually, the excitement wears off after a while – but not so with the Georgia, I absolutely love, love, LOVE it!

The By Hand London girls are doing a sewalong at the moment, so there is no need to give any construction details here, so tadaaa: the photos.



I am not usually confident with bust-hugging dresses – I feel I lack the vavavoom to pull them off. But a quick check confirmed that the girls are still there:

IMG_6806Phew, thank God for that!


A few thoughts about the dress:

  • I made up the bodice in a 10 (my measurements put me in a 12, but that would have been the first time I could fill a 12 😉 ) and graded the skirt out to a 14, again as per my measurements. The skirt is quite loose now, so next time I would probably only grade to a 12. I still might take it in a little bit, but it is actually quite comfortable as loose as it is.
  • I added about 5cm to the knee length as I did not know what height the pattern is drafted for. I think I could lose those 5cm again, but I will wait to make up my mind when I have worn it a few times.
  • Obviously, the best thing about the dress is the bodice, but in fact the thing I like best are the straps. They are just the right compromise between skinny and supportive and they give complete bra strap coverage with out the  need for any speciality undergarment, a definite plus I think.
  • Another version in a light denim is already in my queue – can’t wait for weather that actually makes it appropriate to wear it.
  • I’m already imagining other version: a longer babydoll version like on the BHL blog, maybe a version with godets between the skirt seams to make the bottom wider, in a knee length or even a maxi? Or maybe the bodice until the waistline and then a gathered skirt? Or a tulip skirt? I think all of those would look great. And because the bodice comes together really quickly (there are only three parts and not darts or other fiddly bits) it is a really fun project.
  • I added ready-made piping to the straps and bustline, which gives lots of scope for extra ideas:


So altogether the Georgia is a complete win for me. My first ever independent pattern (I’ve only ever used Burda otherwise) and I thoroughly recommend it to anybody.

So have you made a Georgia? Or are you planning to?

Burdastyle 9/2013 #103 : Don’t Tell the Sewing Police

Pssst, don’t tell anybody!! I only went and machine washed my dry clean only 100% wool fabric – after it had been made into a garment with all the interfacing and everything. And psssssst again: it went absolutely fine.

IMG_6793And I even dared to wear this out to a dinner date my husband took me out to. Believe me, after 17 years of marriage and three kids there haven’t been too many of these over the last few years. So of course I needed new clothes – obviously!

The jacket is Burdastyle 9/2013 #103, made from the fabric that spoke to me in the shop.

P1070887IMG_6804Look, it’s got self-covered buttons! I was prevaricating on the choice of buttons until Marianne set me straight and told me the fabric wanted self-covered buttons. And she was so right! So off I went and bought my first ever set of cover-your-own-buttons and I can fairly say I am hooked!

IMG_6803And the buttons do really work! 🙂

IMG_6801No buttons in the back, I am afraid.


I guess it’s not the kind of jacket that I would wear buttoned up a lot – it really isn’t all that warm anyway with the three-quarter sleeves, so it’s more like a blazer. Overall I really like the jacket, even though the thought of making it came out of the blue for me. If I made another one I might change the collar slightly – really want it to have a collar stand when it wants to be a Peter Pan collar, so to avoid that kind of schizophrenia I might add a more square collar next time.

IMG_6800I lined it with a turquoise paisley fabric that my daughter brought back from India last year. It is impossible to photograph (at least for me), but those paisleys have a metallic thread in them that exactly matches the hue of the wool fabric, so I am mighty proud of having such a copious stash.

And in case you were asking: yes, it is the Georgia dress, on the way to its first outing. More pictures really soon, just as soon as I can contain my excitement enough to actually writes a post that at least aspires to making sense 😉

Any Advice for the Georgia Novice?

20140123_103436 Look what’s kept me company during my coffee break this morning! Yes, it’s my copy of the By Hand London Georgia pattern which arrived in the post this morning! I’m so excited about this – my first ever independent pattern! So before I start on this project I wonder if those of you who are already proud wearers of the Georgia could give me some advice.

  1. I want to make version 2 (the one in the middle on the envelope – knee lenght and skinny straps). I am thinking a little black dress, maybe with the raspberry lining in the picture. Is that very naughty? And, more importantly, did you have issues with the lining gaping out? Because in that case I might play it safe and go for a boring black lining.
  2. Also, what are your experiences regarding sizing? I generally wear a UK size 12, but bust-wise I’m more a 10. Did you find the cups were drafted for the Big4-type B cup, or for a larger cup? In which case I might have to size down by quite a bit.
  3. And then the undergarment issue! Pushup bras are my friend (see point 2 🙂 ) Is the bra situation tricky with the bodice? It looks to me as if the straps are very far out on the shoulder – does that mean strapless bra or did you find ways of covering the bra straps?

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! I truly have Georgia on my mind!