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MMM14, Day 3: Jeans and Plantain Top

You’re forgiven if you think you might have a deja vue – I am wearing jeans and t-shirt for the second time in three days.

My excuse is that I am on a hike in the Swiss mountains today – so again this outfit is pre-planned.
Same jeans as yesterday, another version of the Plantain top and a scarf, because apparently it is below zero in the Swiss mountains. Brrrrr…


MMM14, Day 1: Jeans and Plantain Top

I realise this is not a particularly triumphant start to MMM, but the first of May is traditionally a day for a hike around here. So I needed hiking clothes for which I have a sum total of zero me mades…
So I came up with the surprising combination of jeans and t-shirt ­čÖé


The jeans are a Burda pattern and  were  blogged about here, the top is the Deer&Doe Plantain (unblogged).

On our family hike they made me bearer of the food:


Probably just as well as I like to keep my food close ;-).

And look, I did share the food:


Well, I am about to throw myself of the precipice of my first MMM – let’s hope there will be no crash landing.

IMG_7839See you tomorrow!