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Burda Easy Fashion A/W 2013 #2: Flying by the Sides of my Pants

After making a really stupid mistake on my last attempt at trouser sewing I got my act together this time and made a pair of trousers without any problems whatsoever. And they are – wait – PEPLUM trousers!


The pattern is Burda Easy Fashion A/W2013 #2:

2C HW13 B

This time round I had no problems at all in the construction process and everything went without a hitch. I even tried my hand a sewing without pins, a trick that is described in the Craftsy course Sew Better Sew Faster that I am taking at the moment. I would never have thought so, but pinless sewing actually works really well. I did not without pins completely, but really used only very, very few – promised! And that was not only faster than pinning, then sewing but it actually was more exact too. Don’t know how this worked, but it did, so I suppose that is the main thing.


The peplum detail is a lot more “fashion” than I would usually wear, but I think it is a fun detail.


The original pattern has a CB invisible zip, but that was one thing I did not like in my first (failed) attempt. Nothing wrong with the look of it, but I just did not feel happy with a zipable backside…

So I put in a standard lapped zip at the front. And for the first time on this blog I am happy enough with the inside of a garment than I am prepared to show it. So drum roll please….



Oh, I added belt loops as well to prevent sagging. I did not quite manage to do away with it altogether:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe black arrow point towards a little crease that I keep getting with these trousers. Maybe I need to just take out one or two centimeters of the height of the back pieces? But then the back is rather lower than I like anyway. Maybe there is more of a problem that trousers slide down my bottom a little when i walk but don’t manage to make their way up again enough and that’s where the crease occurs? Do you have any ideas what to do to avoid it?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One thing I am really unhappy about is the fabric. Because of my troubles with the first attempt I did not want to use any “proper” fabric for this, especially because I thought the peplum might be a silly idea. So I used a really horrible HORRIBLE polyester nightmare, one of those purchases where I bought two metres of cheap rubbish in order to make up a certain amount to get free postage. Is that just me, or do we all do this? Anyway, while I like the colour the quality is really quite bad and so I have a pair of handmade trousers that I really like in a fabric that I don’t like wearing… How that makes sense I don’t even try to explain ;-).

I feel some fabric shopping coming on. It’s as well that our region’s largest fabric market is in a week’s time 🙂


Who doesn’t want to “Sew Better, Sew Faster”?

When I saw the great results that the Material Lady got in sewing her Islander Jacket Express, I was immediately convinced to try the Craftsy course she had taken too. And then I had some money left over because I was made to serve as support staff for the German elections last Sunday which is a very honourable but very, VERY boring task. They pay you a small sum as compensation and when I realised it would pay exactly for the course Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets I took this as a sign and enrolled.

It’s the first sewing course I have taken in about 30 years and the first online course ever and although I have not even finished watching every lesson I have really enjoyed the experience.

The course is based around the construction of a jacket (like the one from the Material Lady), but I have not received the pattern for this – as shipping times from the US to Germany are like – ages I decided I could not wait (after all I want to sew faster, not wait longer!) and tried to used the new techniques on my latest project, a pair of trousers with a peplum no less.

Everything worked a treat and I have been able to make a whole pair of trousers doing hadly and basting and using almost no pins. Apparently that’s how they do it in the industry so that’s good enough for me!

I am not to sure all of that made me sew faster (speed has never been my issue, that’s why the blog is called Said & Done 😉 ) but my new pair of trousers sure turned out better than the previous ones and with a lot less drama. So so far the course has not only been a pleasure but also a success.