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Who doesn’t want to “Sew Better, Sew Faster”?

When I saw the great results that the Material Lady got in sewing her Islander Jacket Express, I was immediately convinced to try the Craftsy course she had taken too. And then I had some money left over because I was made to serve as support staff for the German elections last Sunday which is a very honourable but very, VERY boring task. They pay you a small sum as compensation and when I realised it would pay exactly for the course Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets I took this as a sign and enrolled.

It’s the first sewing course I have taken in about 30 years and the first online course ever and although I have not even finished watching every lesson I have really enjoyed the experience.

The course is based around the construction of a jacket (like the one from the Material Lady), but I have not received the pattern for this – as shipping times from the US to Germany are like – ages I decided I could not wait (after all I want to sew faster, not wait longer!) and tried to used the new techniques on my latest project, a pair of trousers with a peplum no less.

Everything worked a treat and I have been able to make a whole pair of trousers doing hadly and basting and using almost no pins. Apparently that’s how they do it in the industry so that’s good enough for me!

I am not to sure all of that made me sew faster (speed has never been my issue, that’s why the blog is called Said & Done ­čśë ) but my new pair of trousers sure turned out better than the previous ones and with a lot less drama. So so far the course has not only been a pleasure but also a success.