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Burdastyle 3/2014 #117 and Rosa Jacket: Spring Time White

Spring has sprung rather suddenly here, which – after a warm winter – shouldn’t be a surprise, but it still is exciting every year to see how quickly the weather can turn. So I was the happier that my efficiency pre-cutting programme has yielded a spring time skirt right in the nick of time.


I used Burdastyle 3/2014 #117, in principle a basic pencil skirt, but with  front pleats and a fly front.

I was attracted to the pattern because of the extra tummy room behind the pleats – while I adore the look of a pencil skirt I find their tightness a bit restricting and this one offers a bit more room. The pattern specifies a straight waistband, but I swapped it out for a curved three-piece one (off my TNT skinny jeans pattern, that seem to work best in most projects)


I used my usual size 42 for bottoms but found this rather big. I took in a lot more than what going down to a size 40 would have resulted in, probably around 8cm allround at the top and a lot more tapering towards the knees. I was suprised by having to take it in so much, but then my fabric has a to of strech and the pattern may have been for a  non-stretch (I didn’t consult the instructions so I can’t be sure). Your eagle eye will have spotted that I omitted a walking vent – so the skirt had to go back right to the sewing table when one of the seams burst on first wear. Lesson learned, I hope.


Bacause the fabric is quite light I underlined it with stretch lining.

The jacket is the Burda Vintage Rosa which has been completed for a while but not worn yet.


Special effects photography on the bottom left 🙂





The jackets has been finished for a little while and I wore it a few times already. It seem to have found a its niche in my wardrobe. I tend to wear it unbuttoned. IMG_0781


It closes with three poppers. If you are thinking of making this up and you normally do an FBA then it might be worse doing it larger than norma. As you can see, it pulls little buttoned up even on me – and I don’t even you you spell FBA!




I’m never sure whether “fun” linings aren’t in poor taste, but a fun lining it is. It’s got palm trees on it and lighthouses and all!


So spring: I dare you to wear all white all day!IMG_0778


Burda Vintage: Rosa – Not pink but black!

It’s all very confusing: Burda have decided to give their patterns in the Vintage edition names rather than their usual soulless numbers.


While that’s all very well, the pattern Rosa got me hopelessly confused. You see, in German, “rosa” means light pink. But I did not intend to make the jacket in light pink…  I had white bouclé in mind, from the stash, so that was my good deed for the day.

IMG_0682I have not managed to get proper pictures of the jacket so I’ll wait for those for a  further post. But believe me that I like the jacket a lot, so much so that I decided to make a top of it too.

IMG_0668This is the same cut as the jacket but without the buttoned front.

IMG_0667For me and my non-fashion ways this is on the edgy side of edgy: coated bouclé for the front and back and pleather for the sleeves and facing. I got the materials from Stoff and Stil, and I have to say I was delighted with their fabrics. I got the bouclé in the sale for a great price. Their normal fabrics are not exactly bargain basement, but I was pleased with the service and will definitely order from them again.

IMG_0665I have to say that I really love it – but I got so many comments on the fashion-ness of the top that I wonder if it might be a bit out there for my usual me  ;-). One thing I noticed was that the pleather is very very not – not sure whether that is just me or whether all pleather garments are quite so sweltering. I certainly couldn’t wear full on pleather – just the thought of those oh-so-fashionable pleather leggins makes me shudder – I would be a climate change inducing factor all by myself!

IMG_0678Here you can see the fabric blocking a bit better. I really love the pattern with the little darts across the elbow. Although they are only small they do give a little bit of sleeve shaping which I think makes all the difference on such an unfitted top.


I finished the neckline with a pleather facing. As you can see I did not quote manage to get in on without creases (the pleather has stretch, the bouclé most definitely not…) but I trust you’re not gonna tell anyone. This is our secret!

Having no fashion-consciousness whatsoever I would not even have thought that Rosa really is a vintage pattern. But Burda do a whole lot of blurb in their magazine about the “history” of each pattern, and lo and behold, there are some proper vintage pictures of Rosa:

IMG_0697So there you go, I’m sure I look just like that! And yes, I did go and buy some light pink fabric to make Rosa in rosa. What can I do,  I just like following instructions 😉


Top 5 Ideas to Get More Out of My Stash

I’ve been kinda lazy on the top 5 front this year – although I did make quite a few nice things that I have worn a lot. But somehow I felt I couldn’t decide, especially as some of my favourites are – as yet – unblogged.

But I did decide that 2015 might be the year where I take away from my stash more than I add to it. Revolutionary, at least for me, I know, but somehow it’s time. Note that this is NO committment to a stash diet – I don’t do diets 😉 .

Aaanyways, I thought I might look through my stash and find some fabrics that I like and start some plans as to what to do with them.

IMG_0585 So here’s the pile of fabrics I identified for new ideas.

Starting from the bottom, the first fabric is already spoken for:

IMG_0573 It’s a ivory colour boucle type fabric. It came from the remnants bin of my local fabric store and I always wanted to make a straightforward blazer. But now I’ve fallen for the jacket ROSA from the Burda Vintage edition. So this is towards the front of my queue.

IMG_0574This cotton crochet lace has been in my stash for far too long. I know I want to make a simple 3/4 sleeve top out of it. Burda has had a few suitable versions over the years, but I have always chickened out because I’m not really sure of how to finish this rather thick lace. It’s time for some experimental sewing!

IMG_0575This wants to be a spring coat! The solid blue is a wool fabric, relatively light for a coat, that’s why I think it might be good for spring. The flowery lining is a cotton satin – I orginally bought it for a dress, but I think it’s a bit much for that. Much better as a lining! I’m not quite sure about the pattern yet, so it might take a little while before I get round to making this.

IMG_0580 This stretch satin is going to be slimline trousers. I have a new Burda pattern in mind and if everything goes according to plan this will be on my sewing table next.

IMG_0581 Hmmm… Shirtdress? Shirt? Pajamas? I have three metres and this needs to go now as it’s looking at me with an evil eye. Ideas anyone?

IMG_0584 This I’m actually excited about. The striped fabric is a wool mixture boucle and I have enough to make a light indoor coat. The black is only a 25cm remnant of a leather effect something or other, but I think it will look good as an accent. I think I will use the same pattern as for my accidental autumn coat. Soon, I can feel it.

Well, these were even top 6 ideas (although one is hardly an idea yet, so I’m back at five.) But I wouldn’t want to leave you without a look at my last fabric purchase of 2014:

Isn’t that just the bees’ knees?


Completely mad, but quite wonderful, don’t you think? I only have one metre, but this will have to be a skirt of some sort. How I’ll  avoid Bambi-on-bottom pattern placement issues I don’t know yet, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

How about you: Stash diet, yah or nay? And what are your next sewing plans?

Burda Vintage – Review

Look what’s happened! Burda have published a Burda Vintage edition, a magazine with 12 of their vintage 1950s patterns in an updated form.


Now, I don’t profess any kind of vintage sewing knowledge, never having sewn a vintage pattern, so I can make no comment as to how vintage those patterns really are or whether they use vintage techniques or such. To me it seems as if they have not only modernised the sizing, doing away with a requirement for either heavy dieting or corsetry, but also as if the instructions are like modern Burda instructions. In fact, the one I tried so far, the Coco dress, I found even more confusing than usual…

The magazine always has the vintage inspiration


Some sort of “This is how they wore it” blurb

IMG_0149And then the updated pattern with some (rather silly, imho) “This is how you style it” blurb


Look, put on some shoes an earrings and -bammm- you have styled your dress. And throw on some Aviator shades and you are really original, because nobody in the world of fashion has ever thought about this before…

Typically, you can’t see a thing in the fashion photograph as far as design lines go, but you have the trusted technical drawing:

IMG_0151For the first time (at least to my knowledge) Burda are calling their dresses names. I haven’t quite been able to decide whether this is rather fun or just pandering the the success of indie pattern designers. Anyway, names they have, may I introduce Coco to you.

IMG_0152Instructions are in word form, as always. One thing that annoys the hell out of me is that they left off the technical drawing from the instructions page, so whenever you want to check how something is meant to look, you need to go back to the fashion page. It’s a little thing, but it’s the little things that count, isn’t it?!
I started making the Coco for my daughter, but abandoned the project at the bodice stage. She feels it is too low-cut (the model picture looks more modest, but it comes out rather than the vintage inspiration) and the whole style looks a bit too old-fashioned for a 15-year old. Well, it IS a vintage pattern and I believe before something becomes vintage it is old-fashioned for a while. Just as well I used a black stretch satin and large seam allowances – I might be able to recycle it for myself one day.

IMG_0155Obviously, you need to do all the tracing, but because they only have 12 patterns on the usual size sheets the tracing really is a breeze.


IMG_0154These are all the garments in the issue. I’m unlikely to need any of the big gowns, but I really like this beach combo:

IMG_0156I could well see myself in this come next summer, though I would probably make it into a dress with under-shorts – I’ve never been able to mentally get over the toilet-situation in a one-piece-with-legs-garment…

Oh and then look at this:

IMG_0157IMG_0158Don’t you think this blazer is completely amazing? Again, I don’t quite envisage how this fits into my life, but who knows, maybe one day? A girl can but dream!

Has this issued appeared on the book shelves anywhere out of Germany? Have they translated it into other languages? I could imagine Burda doing really well out of this idea – after all there are more vintage decades to go!