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Burdastyle 7/2016 #103: Like a Bee on Acid

Summer has been a long time coming (or not) around my parts. Maybe it’s the lack of warmth that has had me reach for the more outragous fabrics in my stash.

Case in point is this little top from the latest issue of Burdastyle:



This is what happened to a skirt project that was abanoned a few years ago. I used Burdastyle 7/2016 #103. It’s a simple, bias cut top with a ruffle.


I’m not too sure about the ruffle, at least in this cotton lawn. It’s meant to have its edges left raw, but to be honest I can see that annoy me even now before the top has been washed for the first time. I guess I will have to try and fold over and stitch – or I might just not bother, given that I feel like a bee on acid once I put this on.

Talking about drugged bees: there is more!



What can I say… The fabric is just crazy, but it’s the craziness I love about it. Oh, and also that is was a souvenir from Vienna, so it reminds me of one of my favourite cities too.


I used the peplum jacket version of this coat pattern from Burda Easy A/W 2014.

It’s obvious that the pattern is too roomy in the back (and it was clearly visible in the post above, but I only realised this when making the pattern for a third time (post upcoming), so clearly I’m being easy on myself on the fit front.


I know that absolutely everyone is over the whole peplum trend, but I’m very, not at all fashionably late to the party and liked this 2014 pattern for its treatment of the front peplum.


Just a touch of the science bit: The jacket is unlined, so I decided to bind all the interior seams in bias tape. Yes, I do realise I could have used black to try and tone down the whole craziness, but where would be the fun in that?


So there, two crazy bee projects in one post. If that doesn’t scare summer out of whereever it is hiding, then I don’t know what else to do!



Burda Easy A/W 2014 #4C: Blouse from Deep Stash and a Stash Diet Update

I have been a good, good girl! Egged on by all your encouragement about my mini stash diet I’ve been digging through the outer regions of my stash and I found 1 1/2 metres of some powder pink mystery fabric. It feels like a sandwashed viscose pique (if such a thing exists), but have no expertise judging fabric content other than deciding what it feels like 😉
I used one of the patterns from Burda Easy Autumn/Winter 2014, view #4c :

It’s a cowl-neck woven blouse with a waistband, consequently it has a zip, although on a thin day I can just about get it on without opening the zip.



I made this without alterations of any kind, cutting my usual size 40.


Although I haven’t worn this out yet, I’m not sure I’m going to make it again. I love me a good cowl neck, but this seems a little roomy all over the front, so I wonder if doesn’t make me look bigger than I need to be.

But still, for now, with the first spring air on the wind I think the colour will go well with my usual first spring pastell phase, so I’ll wear it a few times before I decide if this is a keeper.

In other sewing news I’m unexpectedly enjoying my stash diet a lot! I’ve rummaged through the stash an found a number of fabrics that I have found homes for right now. I’ve even started cutting stuff in advance! Look:

IMG_0745All those boxes do not contain utter chaos – au contraire! Each box holds the precut parts for one project together with notion, instructions and the pattern pieces. The top box has already been turned into pyjama bottoms – took me all of two hours on a weekday night, given that all the prep was alread done. And once a project is finished, the pattern goes into the “out” box on the left:

IMG_0746So everything in the out-box can be tidied away should the fancy take me. It never does, don’t get me wrong, but a girl can hope!

So yes, against all expectations my stash diet is going well and I’m enjoying it. I “found” a blouse worth of red viscose in the back of a cupboard that I pre-treated in a gelatine bath yesterday, so I might soon be the proud owner of a red pussy bow blouse that came out of nowhere.

So yes, in spite of everything I said in the past, a little bit of a diet can be a good thing!


Top 5 Ideas to Get More Out of My Stash

I’ve been kinda lazy on the top 5 front this year – although I did make quite a few nice things that I have worn a lot. But somehow I felt I couldn’t decide, especially as some of my favourites are – as yet – unblogged.

But I did decide that 2015 might be the year where I take away from my stash more than I add to it. Revolutionary, at least for me, I know, but somehow it’s time. Note that this is NO committment to a stash diet – I don’t do diets 😉 .

Aaanyways, I thought I might look through my stash and find some fabrics that I like and start some plans as to what to do with them.

IMG_0585 So here’s the pile of fabrics I identified for new ideas.

Starting from the bottom, the first fabric is already spoken for:

IMG_0573 It’s a ivory colour boucle type fabric. It came from the remnants bin of my local fabric store and I always wanted to make a straightforward blazer. But now I’ve fallen for the jacket ROSA from the Burda Vintage edition. So this is towards the front of my queue.

IMG_0574This cotton crochet lace has been in my stash for far too long. I know I want to make a simple 3/4 sleeve top out of it. Burda has had a few suitable versions over the years, but I have always chickened out because I’m not really sure of how to finish this rather thick lace. It’s time for some experimental sewing!

IMG_0575This wants to be a spring coat! The solid blue is a wool fabric, relatively light for a coat, that’s why I think it might be good for spring. The flowery lining is a cotton satin – I orginally bought it for a dress, but I think it’s a bit much for that. Much better as a lining! I’m not quite sure about the pattern yet, so it might take a little while before I get round to making this.

IMG_0580 This stretch satin is going to be slimline trousers. I have a new Burda pattern in mind and if everything goes according to plan this will be on my sewing table next.

IMG_0581 Hmmm… Shirtdress? Shirt? Pajamas? I have three metres and this needs to go now as it’s looking at me with an evil eye. Ideas anyone?

IMG_0584 This I’m actually excited about. The striped fabric is a wool mixture boucle and I have enough to make a light indoor coat. The black is only a 25cm remnant of a leather effect something or other, but I think it will look good as an accent. I think I will use the same pattern as for my accidental autumn coat. Soon, I can feel it.

Well, these were even top 6 ideas (although one is hardly an idea yet, so I’m back at five.) But I wouldn’t want to leave you without a look at my last fabric purchase of 2014:

Isn’t that just the bees’ knees?


Completely mad, but quite wonderful, don’t you think? I only have one metre, but this will have to be a skirt of some sort. How I’ll  avoid Bambi-on-bottom pattern placement issues I don’t know yet, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

How about you: Stash diet, yah or nay? And what are your next sewing plans?

Ode to Autumn

The weather has been so glorious around my parts that I almost feel the urge to wax lyrical. Well, almost, I think I’m going to save myself – and you – for another year and express my ode to autumn in the form of a three-for-the-price-of-one garment post.

IMG_0239So here we go: a Moss not-mini skirt, a hand-knit sweater and a stash-depletion-project coat, Burda Easy Autumn/Winter 2014 #1c.

IMG_0244This is Moss skirt no 4 in my wardrobe, no 1 is blogged here, the others only exist in real life. Nothing more needs to be said about this pattern – I love it! I have two long variations and two mini ones and all of them get worn regularly. It just dresses up or down so easily and the pattern works perfectly every time.

The sweater is probably my oldest UFO to date. I made it up in spring 2012 and lost all will to live before setting in the sleeves. IMG_0243But the other day I decided that enough is enough with my slovenly ways and I managed to complete the sweater. I’m sure I’ll wear it at least – hmmm – once before it gets too cold for it… Well, it’s all in the timing, ey?

IMG_0237The coat is a happy stash accident. I had this rather scratchy felted knit in my stash that I never knew what to do with (sales online purchase, the story of my life…). Then I decided that I might as well make it into a light autumn coat and then suddenly everything came together.

IMG_0246I found some leather and unneeded metal zips in my stash that now make up the pockets. And some leftover wax print for the seam bindings helped to avoid bulk around the seams.

The only thing I had to buy for this coat were the oversized snaps. I had worried about handsewing them on, but it turned out to be a piece of cake and from now on in I think I’m going to snap absolutely everything.

Because the fabric is really quite scratchy, I decided to cut the back facing in leather, because there’s nothing worse than a scratchy neck, don’t you think?


IMG_0245So there’s an artistic picture of the coat

and there a less artistic picture of me inside the coat:


IMG_0241I love this edition of Burda Easy by the way. It only has 4 patterns, but they come with lots of variations and I think to date I have made 7 garments from those patterns. That works out at a pattern cost of less than 1€ per garment – what’s not to like?

All in all this coat was completely unexpected and really I did not think I was going to make a coat until I actually sat down to make it. But as sometimes happens I have worn this loads in the last few weeks. It fills exactly the gap where a full on coat is still too warm but where I want a little more than just a jacket. AND getting this out of my stash has given me permission to do lots of new fabric shopping. Online, of course, because I just don’t learn 😉 .

So, how is your autumn going?