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More Print Craziness – But Without a Peplum!

I’m so pleased to hear that many of you liked my bees-on-acid-garments. I’ve since gone further down the print-craziness route, but have diverted from Drugs Lane and am now firmly down Folksy Avenue.


Forgive the washed out pictures – I normally have all of two minutes for a “photoshoot” before my photographer gets bored and my facial expression too forced and painful for publication. Plus I have zero photo edit skillz, so keeping it very real is what you get…


This is the same pattern as the Bees on Acid Peplum jacket, but clearly without the peplum. I had every intention of sewing it with the peplum, as that was what had attracted me to the pattern in the first place, but somehow on this jacket it was just too much. So off went the peplum and I added a border to the bottom of the bodice. It’s a touch short for my liking, but that was the height of the border on the print.


You can see a little more detail her. The sleeves have turnups using the same bit of border. I quite like how the yellow line marks the end of the jacket almost like a piece of trim.

Of course, the fabric is the star in this jacket!  I bought it last year in spring from Butinette, a German craft store that you really wouldn’t look to for stylish fabrics, so this was more of a surprise find. I started a different project immediately, made several stupid cutting errors, because the print isn’t symmetrical across the grain and the border runs down the centre of the fabric, not down one side, and both portions on flowers on white background on either side of the border aren’t the same and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh – you have to think around too many corners to get a regular print placement. Had to reorder fabric, could only get 1 more metre, got annoyed and everything landed in some forgotten corner of deep stash.

But in my recent print frenzy (shortly after firmly declaring that I prefer solids  – oh the irony!) I was reminded of the fabric and pulled it out again.


This time, too, I couldn’t get my head around the print placement, so it isn’t symmetrical across the front, but I don’t even notice that myself with all that is going on on this fabric.


I didn’t line the jacket as I want to be able to wear this now and I do get hot very easily. A lined jacket would end up in a crumpled mess in my handbag in no time. The side seams are just overlocked. I thought of binding them just like in the Bees on Acid Jacket, but then I felt that the one strip of binding around the front facing and the arm scythe seam is enough.


I have to say while I’m easily excited by new and shiny makes I REALLY love this jacket! I think this is one of those items that will stay in my wardrobe for a long time to come. That means a lot as I’m quite ruthless and not sentimental at all when it comes to parting with me-mades…

If you want to have a better look at this gorgeous fabric and a wonderful make (and A LOT better potography), go and have a look at Sea Of Teal’s make using the same fabric. Just wonderful, isn’t it?


Burda Easy Style A/W 2014: Leather and Sparkle


Well, there you go: I sewed with leather for the first time! It’s only leather accents, admittedly, but I was quite excited about the whole concept of little Chris actually sewing with leather (like – LEATHER!!) .

This biker jacket was a loooong time in the making, in fact it was staring at me accusingly 75% finished for about a year. As is so often the case, finishing only took a few hours and afterwards I didn’t even remember why I hadn’t finished it months ago.


This is the biker jacket from the Autumn/Winter Edition of Burda Easy Style 2013 or Spring/Summer 14 (I don’t quite remember and don’t seem to be able to find it online right now). Or rather, it isn’t quite: The original pattern doesn’t feature the collar, but I decided that my head somehow is too big for collarless jackets with a rather high neckline. It sort of makes my head balloon out from the jacket, if you know what I mean, so I decided to add a collar to frame my head.


IMG_2412The fabric is a boucle – type fabric in all shades of blue and was the most expensive fabric I had over bought until the Siena dress came along. And it glitters! For real, I had never ever EVER even thought about glitter or sequins or any of the fancy effects that I always thought were not me at all. But in my old age I fell myself drawn towards fabric that “only teenagers should wear”, as Child 1 so thoughfully put it. Well, what can I say…


I fell in love with those elbow patches!


I just want to walk sideways all the time, just to show those elbow patches!

I’m pleased with the fit (a straight Burda size 40, my usual size) although the sleeve head looks a bit funny in this picture.


Maybe that’s because the fabric is a little stiff: I block interfaced the whole fabric even before cutting (I had boucle fall apart on me before and decided I would interface this one into submission!), so maybe that’s what causes the slight bunching. I guess I will have to do without the “Lift me up and carry me away” pose in this picture.

It took me forever to decide on how to cover the zipper band. According to the instructions it is just sewn on top of the jacket on the one side, but come on, I’m not gonna sew a semi-exposed zipper on glittery boucle! I think  my solution to cover it with strip off fabric works quite well. It’s covered with a strip of leather on the other side.


IMG_2472Also, remark those elbow patches! 😉

As I mentioned this project has been in the making for quite some time, I seem to remember I bought the fabric in March 2014. I did notice that my tastes have changed somewhat in the past 18 months, because I find the lining quite boring now.


If I were to start over again I would chose a flashier lining, something “fun”. Maybe that’s all to do with the sudden liking for glittery fabric. Child 1 would have a word or two to say about this. It’s as well she’s spending a year abroad and won’t find out about my wanton ways!

I still haven’t had the courage to add the metal snaps to the waist band. Firstly, I can’t find metal snaps the exact same colour as the zip (I bought gold ones, but now I don’t like the look of them) and also: snaps in leather??? Scary stuff! So scary that I have worn this jacket with a floppy flappy waistband for weeks now.

I did get to use the golden snaps on a parka (grey with gold glitter 🙂 ) but that is a post for another day, so I leave you on this cliff hanger!