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Burdastyle 3/2014 # : Not Another Pair of Skinny Jeans!

Don’t hold your breath, nothing new to see here – just another pair of my TNT skinny jeans, Burdastyle 3/14 #104:IMG_0783

I don’t really have anything to say that I haven’t said before, but I bet you are relieved that these sport a less questionable pattern than the last version before these.





Avid stash busters will be pleased to hear that this fabric came from the midth of my stash and I’m still on track with my miny stash diet with less than 4 weeks to go, two of which I’ll be away on holiday.

And just to prove to my reader Mia (so there, this is not gratuitous bottom photography 😉 ): No VPL in sight!




So I’ll leave you with what I believe to be my “professional model pose”IMG_0789

It’s as well they keep me on at the school, don’t you think?

This is likely to be the last post before my holiday, so let me wish you all a happy Easter well in advance! And who knows, I might even be able to convince the Gods of Mobile Internet to upload a picture of the Amalfi dress once it is in its natural habitat. 🙂


MMM14 Day 7: A Lazy Day

Readers, that’s not even true! In fact I am having probably one of the busiest days of the year: Yesterday my students wrote their final A-level German test and from today it’s my turn to mark them (unlike in other countries we don’t send the completed papers out to be marked by someone else, so it’s me against around 200 pages of anxiously scribbled literature essays…)
So I will be spending the day at my desk and I need comfortable clothes today, so please overlook the lack of stylishness:


The tracksuit bottoms are on probation: because they are made without any extra elastic in the waist they keep slipping and I am debating whether I like the them enough to fix them. I might just remake some using one of the standard track suit bottoms patterns that Burdastyle have published recently (you know, with the drawstring waist) and be done with it.

The top is from Burdastyle May 2014, as yet unblogged. It’s turned out to be a wearable muslin only as the neckline falls so wide on me that I can’t wear it decently without a cami. Well, there is always next time…

I realise I have not spoilt you with stylish outfits in MMM so far – if have a load of nice dresses waiting in the sidelines if the weather should turn nice.
What do you wear when you work from home? Do you go for stylishness even inside your four walls?