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Sneak Preview: My Journey in Quilts 6

I have been away on holiday so I have not done any sewing at all for a fortnight – until yesterday when I sprung into frantic action in order to finish a wedding quilt for my sister who is going to get married … next Saturday. Yes, that is in five days’ time… I am not normally a deadline hugger, normally I get stuff finished in plenty of time, so not having finished the quilt before going on holidays made me really nervous. But then there was a reason for that…

Now I can’t show you a whole load of pictures yet, as I don’t want to show of a present before it has actually been gifted (though I doubt my sister reads this blog, especially five days before her wedding 😉 ) so this is just a sneak preview.


I have actually had a revelation during the construction of this quilt. I have long documented my problems with the quilting part of quilting and because this is the first quilt I’m ever giving away for a big occasion I was very conscious of the standard of my work. So conscious in fact that after finishing the quilting back in August I decided that I hated my work so much that I ripped it all out again. I am not even sure what took longer, doing the quilting or ripping all the stitches on a complete quilt. heartbreaking work in any case!

Yesterday I tried again using a different wadding – and what  a difference that made! Previously I had always used poly wadding, this time I used quite a slim cotton wadding and I had zero problems with slippage of the sandwich layers or crincles on the underside. So in the end redoing everything was the right thing to do!

IMG_4675I did not do a lot of quilting, just rows in the ditch, because I simply do not have the skills to do any more involved quilting. I realise, of course, that even this standard of work is a long way away from perfect, even quite a way away from competent, but it is acceptable and certainly the best I have ever managed. Happily, in this case, there is no German quilting traditions, so very very few people have handmade quilts and my sister will not be able to compare my standards to much other work – all the more lucky for me 😉

After the wedding I will show a few more pictures of the full quilt – I hope you will enjoy them.



My Journey in Quilts: Part 2

This is, I think, my favourite quilt! I made it for my younger son’s fifth birthday and although it is by now mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeans the most complicated I love it! Red and aqua and white are among my most favourite colour combinations, I think they are so vibrant and optimistic together.

The pattern was inspired – again – by a quilt in Kaffe Fassett’s book “Caravan of Quilts” and again I forgot the name of the pattern. In contrast to the original I interspersed the star block with solid block to make the quilt more quiet. Not that a little boy needs to much quiet of course 😉


Like the previous quilt I handquilted this one, very sparingly, in red. I only picked out the stars and although I did not quilt more because I have never worked out how to do it properly without puckering I really like the result in this case.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA