If it can’t be seen on a galloping horse at 30 paces, it doesn’t matter!


Thank you so much for all your tips and encouragement on yesterday’s cry for help!
Lots of food for thought, but mainly all your encouragement has given me the much needed kick up the back side I needed to pull myself together and start the assembly of the cardigan already.

As you can see I’m getting there – and as predicted by Gail, who can also take full credit for the title of this post, it isn’t half as bad as I thought it might be.

And meaning to go on as I started I blocked another one of my knitting UFOs today, assigned one to the charity shop bag (with a heavy heart, but I guess I knew even when I first started knitting this project a few years back that it wasn’t really my style) and prepared the sweater for Child 3 for weaving in.

There is hope for me yet!


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2 thoughts on “If it can’t be seen on a galloping horse at 30 paces, it doesn’t matter!

  1. tialys November 6, 2016 at 10:41 am Reply

    Looking good! Out of interest, do you block the individual pieces or the completed work? I’ve just finished sewing up a project I finished back in the spring – before it got too hot to knit – and I don’t like it much. Something about the yarn, something about the style, I’m almost certain I won’t wear it so perhaps I’ll take a lead from you and give it away. I am pledging to be much more fussy about the knitting projects I start and the quality of the yarn I use – too much work is involved not to be able to make use of it at the end.

  2. […] I hope to get going while the going is good and finish that cardigan that started the whole thing soon enough. And  I promise there will be a “normal” sewing post soon – to […]

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