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More Print Craziness – But Without a Peplum!

I’m so pleased to hear that many of you liked my bees-on-acid-garments. I’ve since gone further down the print-craziness route, but have diverted from Drugs Lane and am now firmly down Folksy Avenue.


Forgive the washed out pictures – I normally have all of two minutes for a “photoshoot” before my photographer gets bored and my facial expression too forced and painful for publication. Plus I have zero photo edit skillz, so keeping it very real is what you get…


This is the same pattern as the Bees on Acid Peplum jacket, but clearly without the peplum. I had every intention of sewing it with the peplum, as that was what had attracted me to the pattern in the first place, but somehow on this jacket it was just too much. So off went the peplum and I added a border to the bottom of the bodice. It’s a touch short for my liking, but that was the height of the border on the print.


You can see a little more detail her. The sleeves have turnups using the same bit of border. I quite like how the yellow line marks the end of the jacket almost like a piece of trim.

Of course, the fabric is the star in this jacket!  I bought it last year in spring from Butinette, a German craft store that you really wouldn’t look to for stylish fabrics, so this was more of a surprise find. I started a different project immediately, made several stupid cutting errors, because the print isn’t symmetrical across the grain and the border runs down the centre of the fabric, not down one side, and both portions on flowers on white background on either side of the border aren’t the same and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh – you have to think around too many corners to get a regular print placement. Had to reorder fabric, could only get 1 more metre, got annoyed and everything landed in some forgotten corner of deep stash.

But in my recent print frenzy (shortly after firmly declaring that I prefer solids  – oh the irony!) I was reminded of the fabric and pulled it out again.


This time, too, I couldn’t get my head around the print placement, so it isn’t symmetrical across the front, but I don’t even notice that myself with all that is going on on this fabric.


I didn’t line the jacket as I want to be able to wear this now and I do get hot very easily. A lined jacket would end up in a crumpled mess in my handbag in no time. The side seams are just overlocked. I thought of binding them just like in the Bees on Acid Jacket, but then I felt that the one strip of binding around the front facing and the arm scythe seam is enough.


I have to say while I’m easily excited by new and shiny makes I REALLY love this jacket! I think this is one of those items that will stay in my wardrobe for a long time to come. That means a lot as I’m quite ruthless and not sentimental at all when it comes to parting with me-mades…

If you want to have a better look at this gorgeous fabric and a wonderful make (and A LOT better potography), go and have a look at Sea Of Teal’s make using the same fabric. Just wonderful, isn’t it?


Burdastyle 7/2016 #103: Like a Bee on Acid

Summer has been a long time coming (or not) around my parts. Maybe it’s the lack of warmth that has had me reach for the more outragous fabrics in my stash.

Case in point is this little top from the latest issue of Burdastyle:



This is what happened to a skirt project that was abanoned a few years ago. I used Burdastyle 7/2016 #103. It’s a simple, bias cut top with a ruffle.


I’m not too sure about the ruffle, at least in this cotton lawn. It’s meant to have its edges left raw, but to be honest I can see that annoy me even now before the top has been washed for the first time. I guess I will have to try and fold over and stitch – or I might just not bother, given that I feel like a bee on acid once I put this on.

Talking about drugged bees: there is more!



What can I say… The fabric is just crazy, but it’s the craziness I love about it. Oh, and also that is was a souvenir from Vienna, so it reminds me of one of my favourite cities too.


I used the peplum jacket version of this coat pattern from Burda Easy A/W 2014.

It’s obvious that the pattern is too roomy in the back (and it was clearly visible in the post above, but I only realised this when making the pattern for a third time (post upcoming), so clearly I’m being easy on myself on the fit front.


I know that absolutely everyone is over the whole peplum trend, but I’m very, not at all fashionably late to the party and liked this 2014 pattern for its treatment of the front peplum.


Just a touch of the science bit: The jacket is unlined, so I decided to bind all the interior seams in bias tape. Yes, I do realise I could have used black to try and tone down the whole craziness, but where would be the fun in that?


So there, two crazy bee projects in one post. If that doesn’t scare summer out of whereever it is hiding, then I don’t know what else to do!


Burdastyle 3/2016 #121: A Tale of Two Dresses

Thank you so much to everybody who commented such nice things on my purple maxi dress! Isn’t it strange how we are so happy to overlook the faults in the work of others while often we are so critical of our own makes…

I’m slowly catching up with a bit of a blogging backlog. This new project has been in my wardrobe since March…


Is is Burdastlye 3/2016 #121. Burda have this as a wedding dress in their usual March=wedding edition, but also as a “normal” dress, and I was immediately taken with it. I love me a sheath dress, and I love tummy rouching as means of covering up some self-consciousness inducing tummy flab, so making this dress was a no brainer.


The fabric was an experiment: I got my hand on some neoprene style jersey (by accident, I misread the description of the online seller), and for the longest time I didn’t know what to make of it as it seemed rather sweaty to me. So I opted for a sleeveless dress for spring/autumn, thinking that the cooler temperatures paired with the lack of sleeves would allow for enough comfort. It kinda worked, although I have to say i was already borderline too warm in it in April.


I decided to put on the jersey wing (wing-less option below). I very rarely wear anything flouncy, but I fancied it on this dress


So there, this is how the flounce works.

The dress is superbly easy to put together (at least in a knit). And look at the bust dart on the non-flouncy side: It’s length and locations couldn’t be more perfect if I tried (and probably a lot less perfect if I had tried! Darts and me is not a marriage made in heaven…). Straight from the tracing sheet with no alterations! Thank you, Burda!


I was going for a “sporty” look the the topstitching of the neckline and armholes. In hindsight an invisible finish might have been better, but I’m not ripping out the three step zig zag now!

Like with most of my sewing, there is one blogger who does what I do, only better. In this case it’s Allison C, who sewed this dress a while ago, and whose slighly lighter material looks even better. I like the dress a lot with the cap sleeve too, might just add this on next time.

However, there already was a next time with this dress.


This knit has all the colour I love perfectly assembled in one piece of fabric!


This time I ommitted the back vent. It isn’t necessary in a knit and on the first dress I found it is hard to keep straight in a knit too. The pattern placement could have been better, but I only had 1.2 metres of fabric, so I was working with what I had.


This version as a normal binding for the neckline. The original is meant to be lined, but that’s because it is made up in a woven.

I’m really happy with these dresses. I feel the silhouette is very “me” – it’s my traditional fall-back shape if I don’t want to give shape any thought.

Strangely I have been in the mood for a little variety and experimentation though and I am considering other dress shapes. Who knows, I might just make something with a pleated skirt next…

Burdastyle 4/2016 # 101: Floaty Maxi Dress

aaaand I’m back! I haven’t posted in a while, but this time with good reason: I was off on my holiday to Ecuador, visiting Child 1 who is doing an exchange year right now. I’ve also done a Spanish course, so I can now just about haggle in the market for fabrics and crafts – but more on this later.

In the meantime I’d like to show you a dress that I made back in March but haven’t worn yet – it’s still far too cold and rainy for this kind of flippancy around my parts.


This is Burdastyle 4/2016 #101. I’d fallen in love with it right from the start and knew exactly I wanted to make it from this precise shape of purple. HOWEWER (and there always is a however with this type of definite plans, isn’t there) I couldn’t get a rayon woven in this shade, only a really rather fine rayon knit. I kinda knew this would be courting desaster, but I soldiered on anyway.


In order to stabilize the bodice, I underlined it in knit lining and then lined it in self fabric. This turned out not to be a great idea, because both fabrics have different amounts of stretch and so I do get some creases and puckers.


It’s quite evident in the back – but to be honest, I think this is one of those projects that doesn’t benefit from photos and a closer look. In real life, the swishiness of the dress takes over and it looks a lot better.


Or am I kidding myself?



All in all I can’t really call this dress a success, its mistakes are just too obvious. But at the same time I quite like it, and given that I will only get a handful of wears out of a maxi each summer I guess it’s good enough.