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Burdastyle 3/2016 #111: Gucci-inspired Shirt Dress


Well, there – long time no see! As it happens sometimes I don’t know where the time has gone, but spring has definitely sprung in my part of the world after a rather slow start and so I got the first chance to wear my new shirt dress.

The fabric was one of those accidental finds in my local fabric shop. When I saw it I was reminded of some of those crazy larger than life Gucci prints and when it was sold for only a few Euros of course I could not say no.

It marinated in my stash for a little while as I wasn’t really sure how to show off the print to its best effect and also I was scared of another print placement fail.


This time I think I fared rather better: I quite like the print placement, I think it’s gone fabulously around the bust area and ok around the tummy, inspite of some slight ovarian allusions in the print.


Child 2 says it looks as if wings are growing out of my behind, but I feel you have to be a rather unkind observer (or a teenage boy) to think so!

I used Burdastyle 3/2016 #111, a loose fitting oversize shirtdress pattern. I’m not really used to the shape with no waist definition whatsoever, so I might well wear it with a belt in future, but for these pictures I’m wearing it as Burda intended.


It certainly is very comfortable like this and very cool and breezy in this cotton poplin.

I went down one size to size 38 when cutting this and then increased the seam allowance by 0.75cm to take it in by another 3 cm all round, so this is probably even closer to a size 36. So yes, this pattern really is oversized!

Feast your eyes on my pattern matching:


Isn’t that a thing of beauty! This was part deliberation, part luck. And my luck ran out when I didn’t realise that the print wasn’t laid out quite horizontally to the grain line, so the other side is off a little:


Well, win some, loose some, ey?!

Oh, I also lowered the side slits by quite a bit. Burda like you to flash your legs, but I just thought it was just a a bit too much.

Although this shape is new to me (can you believe it, it’s my first real button down shirt dress) I think this will get worn quite a bit.

I even took the chance to sashay down the local market place with a good looking young man



As you can see, he still wears the shirt and jacket I made for him for Christmas – what better appreciation could there be for mum on Mother’s Day?!