Please donate for children in Ecuador!

All of you will have heard about the terrible earthquake that struck the Pacific coast of Ecuador on Saturday.

What many of you don’t know is that my daughter is living there at the moment. I’m happy to say she is safe although she had to leave her house that was damaged in the earthquake and is staying with friends right now. She has told me about the terrible damage in her town, Manta, and the loss of life and property that is likely to get worse in the coming days.

Near Manta, the charity SOS-Kinderdorf are running a home for orphaned and disadvantaged children.

Together with my family I have supported this charity for many years (and it has all the offical seals of approval for being efficient, transparent and reliable) and now I have started an appeal to help with donations.

I would really appreciate it if you could help. This is the link to my charity appeal:

alternatively, you can click here:

The whole process in German, but you can donate via Paypal. It’s simple:

  • click the green “Spende jetzt” button
  • enter the amount you wish to donate in Euro (Spendenbetrag) 1 Euro is roughly 1.15 USD.
  • enter your name and message. This information is public
  • click “Weiter”
  • click Paypal
  • this should lead you to your country’s local paypal page where you authenticate the donation in the usual way.
  • Please let me know in the comments if there is any problem with the process so I can see if I can sort it out.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you can give. It’s needed very much and it’s greatly appreciated!



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