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Please donate for children in Ecuador!

All of you will have heard about the terrible earthquake that struck the Pacific coast of Ecuador on Saturday.

What many of you don’t know is that my daughter is living there at the moment. I’m happy to say she is safe although she had to leave her house that was damaged in the earthquake and is staying with friends right now. She has told me about the terrible damage in her town, Manta, and the loss of life and property that is likely to get worse in the coming days.

Near Manta, the charity SOS-Kinderdorf are running a home for orphaned and disadvantaged children.

Together with my family I have supported this charity for many years (and it has all the offical seals of approval for being efficient, transparent and reliable) and now I have started an appeal to help with donations.

I would really appreciate it if you could help. This is the link to my charity appeal:

alternatively, you can click here:

The whole process in German, but you can donate via Paypal. It’s simple:

  • click the green “Spende jetzt” button
  • enter the amount you wish to donate in Euro (Spendenbetrag) 1 Euro is roughly 1.15 USD.
  • enter your name and message. This information is public
  • click “Weiter”
  • click Paypal
  • this should lead you to your country’s local paypal page where you authenticate the donation in the usual way.
  • Please let me know in the comments if there is any problem with the process so I can see if I can sort it out.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help you can give. It’s needed very much and it’s greatly appreciated!



Burdastyle 2/2016 #102: Three out of Four Ain’t Bad

As you know I haven’t had a lot of sewing time recently. So I thought I should make the most of what little time I have by making repeats:

IMG_3004 IMG_2997 IMG_2993

This is my version of Burdastyle 2/2016 #102, which looks quite different in the magazine – I made quite a few changes:

  • I used a rayon knit rather than a woven
  • rotated out the bust dart on the navy and light peach version
  • made the top longer over all and added a high-low hem (imitaging the knit version Burda have in the magazine)


I also changed the back. The original has a pleat coming off the back neckline, but I thought trying to anchor a pleat to the neckline of quite a thin knit would be asking for trouble, so I cut a back yoke and changed the pleat into gathers.



On version 1 I didn’t get the hight of the yoke quite right, so I made it a bit higher on version 2 or 3


Now you might wonder why I make those changes and didn’t start off from one of the many many similar patterns that Burda have put out recently that already have all these features.

Well, I originally wanted to make the pattern as is, in a woven, wide sleeves, slit at the front neckline.

And I did – and I didn’t like the result very much:



I used a panel print that I  really liked as a fabric (love the colours!!). But wearing it I just feel very frumpy.


I also don’t like the wide sleeves on me.


Let’s not even talk about the strange thing that is happening at the neckline – I think I’m going to call this a fail and won’t even bother about trying to rescue the fabric.

Lesson learned: Just because I like the fabric, I won’t like wearing it.

Lessons to be learned: How do I know IF I will like wearing a fabric from looking at it flat?

If only I had the answer to that question that would save me a lot of money in the fabric shop…

P.S. All ended well – I made a dress from this pattern too and that really works!


Knitting plans: A Cardigan refashion

A few years back I knitted a summer cardigan and wore it exactly –  never.


I took some real trouble over it, with loads of cabling on both front and back and I’ve always wanted a light weight ivory cabled cardigan. So what went wrong?

Well, for starters, inspite of frogging it twice I never got the CF band right.


Can you see how the CF dips down quite dramatically because the band does not have the right tension. So that’s the first thing I want to amend. I will frogg the existing band and add one of the right length AND made it a lot wider and make it into a shawl collar.


Also the sleeves really annoy me: they are a little long for a summer cardigan but also way to tight. They do fit, but it’s quite a close fit that I think doesn’t go well with the relaxed look of the garment as a whole. So I want to frogg the complete sleeves and make them 3/4 length but wider from the end of the ribbing onwards.

Hopefully these changes will make the cardigan into the much loved garment I always intended it to be.

What a girl does when she can’t sew II

Don’t panic! I do have my new Bernina and we have been getting along with each other just fine over the last week. Still I haven’t been able to do too much sewing, because the second round of my philosophy exams are about to start and I had to get down to study.

But I did manage to revive my first love knitting. Knitting in fact was my first craft from when I was a young teenager and while I’ve always loved doing it I had not been so lucky wearing my knitted garments. Somehow I’ve often found my sweaters and cardigans too warm and too bulky (this girl doesn’t believe in fingering weight yarn…). But recently I’ve tried again and have been reasonably happy with the results.



This is a batwing sleeve sweater from German knitting magazine Verena. The front is covered in cabling:


The yarn is Malabrigo Silk Merino in colourway Lluvia. The is the most delicious yarn ever so soft and with a slight sheen that my point and click camera is unable to capture.


It’s handpainted and every skein is very different, so it’s imperative to knit from two skeins intermittently (I switched every two rows) to get a nice blend of the different colours. I just love the effect!

I also finished two more knits, so provided I get some pictures taken I might be able to tread water with a couple of blog posts while my exams and then the finals at my school take place.