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There is still an empty space in the heart of my sewing room while I`m waiting for the arrival of my new sewing machine. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day – but then originally it was meant to be Monday, but the dealer called my to let me know that there was a problem ordering the machine I’d originally decided on (the Bernia 550 Quilt Edition), so now I’ll be getting the Bernina 530 with the Quilt Giszmo and a free walking foot thrown in – big happy face!


In the meantime I started to do what I could on my new dress Burdastyle 4/2016 #101, last pictured here:


Following my recently discovered obsession for solids I bought a royal purple knit. The pattern calls for a woven, not a knit, so in order to stabilise the bodice I underlined with nude knit lining. I hope that is going to be sufficently stable to keep the bodice in place while still allowing me to omit the back zipper – putting that into a dress made from a relatively thin viscose knit would be a recipe for desaster, I think.

Other than that I even tidied my sewing room in preparation for the new arrival (“preparing the nest” as one commentator very aptly put it 🙂 ). For a little while I thought I might even publish one of those “Look at my sewing room” posts while everything is tidy – but then I decided that a tidy sewing room would be such an unfair representation of the state the room is in 99.9% of the time that it would be almost a lie. My sister keeps saying that we were at the back of the queue when the tidiness gene was handed out…

So I’ll leave you just with a snippet of tidiness: my new “I`m the next project in line (once the queue is moving and if Chris doesn’t get distracted by something more shiny)” sewing magazine organiser:


For once in its life time it’s being used as intended, so it can only be minutes until it gets covered in all sorts of other sewing paraphenalia…
If you know where one can get a backup dose of tidiness genes, do let me know!


What does a girl do when she can’t sew…

and when her sewing room has no more empty boxes to hold cut projects in the sewing queue?

Well, she moves down to a very chilly basement and starts a mosaic project

IMG_2971This is going to be the table top for a serving trolley/butcher’s bench – you know the kind everyone bought from Ikea about 10 years ago.

This is the inspiration. I’m pleased to know that this is going to result in “sophisticated home style”!


And here are some teeny tiny pieces of mosaic which hopefully will all find a room in this project.


Mosaic is almost like quilting: you cut up bits of tile and then assemble them together again.


But the big advantage is that once the piecing is done, the project needs no quilting (which to my mind is the worst part of making a quilt) but only grouting which is done in no time at all.


What do you do when, for one reason or another, you can’t sew?


A Last Salute for the General

Thank you so much for all your kind enquiries in and good wishes for the health of The General.

I’m sad to have to say that the General has passed on – what I thought might be a simple case of exhaustion has proved to be a fatal heart attack. The General will now live on in my thoughts and memories and – no doubt – have a great time in Sewing Machine Heaven. While I’m observing a minute’s silence you might want to read how it all started.

Sad, ey?

But the General is dead, long live the General: Grief-stricken as I was I ordered a new Bernina machine there and then in the sewing machine shop where I received the dreadful news. Hopefully it will arrive early next week. Who knows, I might even manage to make an Easter dress on it. As you know, it’s not a matter of lack of fabric that’s keeping me 😉

Burdastyle 4/2016: A Little Review

Just to recap: Burdastyle and I had not been seeing eye to eye for a while in 2014 and 15 and so I cancelled my subscription mid 2015 in what almost felt like a divorce. Then I went to buy every edition apart from one at the kiosk, so when the nice lady from Burdastyle called and offered an eight-month subscription for the price of 3 months, what could I do but agree.

Ever since Burda has been on probation I’ve felt a lot more positive about their offering and April is no exception. In fact, their feature on solid colours is a revelation for me: I would wear every single garment as is (although not all those colours might suit me), but I just love love love the styling.

IMG_2960This is my favourite outfit. It’s nothing special, but it’s an outfit I could jump into straight away and wear every day. The trousers could be my new uniform from spring and I’ve already traced the top (which is for drapey wovens, so I might get to use those silp remnants I’ve been stashing).

IMG_2961Then I’ve just fallen head over heals for this dress. I already bought a berry/purple viscose knit, which I’m hoping will be able to hold its shape with the help of a little structural underling in the bodice and underbust band.


I do realise that the dress might look a little maternity with those tummy pleats, but I suppose I’m coming to an age where the thought of “Can she still get pregnant?” might start to be flattering again, so I’m going with the flow. I have an event on 1st April where this dress might come in handy, so hoping that i get my sewing machine back in time this jumps right to the top of the queue.


I’m not sure what it is, but I love this too! It really is just a tunic lenghtened into a dress, and normally Burda do these in crazy patterns which I like, but never love. But in a solid I just think it’s really stylish.


Look, this really is all it is: If it goes well, this could be done in an evening!


It looks good in crazy print too and gives rise to all sorts of colour blocking ideas too. On the right there is “my” dress again.

Oh, and then jumpsuits!


This is for petite sizing, so I doubt I would be able to make this work for me, but isn’t this all kinds of wonderful? I do have fabric for a jumpsuit lurking around, so I’m collecting ideas!

So yes, I’m kinda surprised to learn that I love solids in loud colours! Recently I have bought a lot of prints thinking that they would endulge my love of colour in the best possible way, but maybe I’ve always been more of a solid kinda girl? Who knows…

But in case solids aren’t your jam, at least here’s a full view of all the patterns in April’s edition:


IMG_2967There is some lovely stuff in the plus size section, some really sweet and classic girl’s dresses and even men’s shorts. I guess my Burda subscription will continue for the time being!

A Sad Story from the Sewing Room

Long time no see, ey? And want to know why?
Look at my sewing room:


Isn’t this a kimono robe waiting to be underlined? And a flowery top cruelly abandoned mid-construction? And a spring coat that only needs its belt done?


And doesn’t each box contain a ready cut project, patiently waiting it its sewing queue?



But wait, what’s this? The overlocker and cover stitch machine all ready and waiting? But where is the trusty Bernina, matron – no – general of the sewing room?

You might have guessed it: General Bernina has gone AWOL. She’s been having a break (a very unexpected and uncalled for break, I might add) at the repair shop for the last 10 days. Adding insult to injury my backup machine had been out of order for months, so now both machines are having a holiday while my queue keeps building and building.

The lady at the repair shop said it might be 10 to 14 days to get her fixed, so given that we are on day 11 today and I discovered some rust inside the machine when I tried to shake her 32-year old self back into life I’m starting to get a little worried.

So in the meantime there has been no sewing from me, only manic tracing and cutting – and I might have started 4 new knitting projects to compensate 😉

I actually have a backlog of finished items to blog, but I felt I was having “fat weeks” rather  than “fat days” so had even less inclination to pose for pictures than normally. (May I add that back in the real world I weigh the exact same than at any point during the last years – I’m not really prone to weight fluctuations, so those fat weeks really are all in the mind.)

So anyways, I just thought I’d update you with this sad story from the sewing room. Burda have been making some stuff I like, so while I am in limbo I might write a little review of the April edition soon.

Keep your fingers crossed that my Bernina will be back where she belongs at the helm of the sewing room soon!