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Fashion Style/Knipmode 6/2015: I made another Jumpsuit…

Well, what can I say?! A lot of radio silence from me over the last few weeks – somehow, summer makes me partly stressed out (that would be July, we only finish school on 31 July, so this month with all the end of year activities in my school + the end of year activities for 3 kids keeps me really busy) and partly chilled into a stupor (that would be August where I take weeks to recover from said end of year activities).
But of course you didn’t come here to listen to blabla about my life – or maybe you did, considering all I have to show you is ANOTHER jumpsuit?!

Let’s try from a distance so you can get used to the idea:


If you think you have seen these kinds of pictures before it only serves to remind you that another year has passed. The photoshoot of our local festivies from last year is here (including me in a Dirndl, if you fancy a bit of the old Sound of Music vibe).

You still with me? OK then, let’s get a bit closer:


This is the playsuit version of the title model of Fashion Style/Knipmode 6/2015. I was working on a stash busting project, and because I had only 2 metres of 115cm width cotton I decided to make a playsuit rather than a full length jumpsuit. I also took out quite a lot of width from the top as I was using a quilting cotton rather than the rayon the pattern suggests. For a mid-weigth cotton the fullness would have been just too much.


The pattern has you close the bow at the back of the neck, but I found easy access from the front a much better idea. Plus I’m trying to convince myself that the bow across the collar bone is a fun and flirty idea.


It is very light and breezy which has been useful during the last few weeks which have been the hottest on record ever. I tell you, I keep complaining I want a proper summer, but when it comes to weeks of temperatures of 35 degrees + I just want it to stop. I guess I’m just not made from the right stuff after all.

Well, not much more to be said about this. I actually made two more jumpsuits which I don’t have pictures for just yet – the heat!!! But I will be going to Florida very shortly, so maybe I get a chance to have some tropical pictures taken. I guess not a lot of fabric shopping will take place there, the present course of the dollar vs. the Euro takes the fun out of that, I guess.

So have a very nice rest of the summer (with or without jumpsuits ;-)! )  and I’ll be back with more regular service once we are back to school by mid-September. But let me walk into the sunset first: