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Ready – Steady – Juuuuuuuuuuuuump!!!!!!! #jumpingintojune

OMG – soooo exciting! Today is the last day of May – which of course makes tomorrow the start date of Jumping into June!

All throughout June we would love to see your jumpsuit creations! Quite a number of intrepid sewists have already signed up for #jumpingintojune – see a list here.

But of course you can still take part if the fancy takes you now. So as and when you are ready to blog about your jumpsuit, leave a comment here with the URL of the blog post so that other jumpers can jump (not hop, ’cause that is how we roll!) from blog to blog.

I for one am getting myself ready for the the big jump.
So I leave you with a tantalising glimpse of the uniform of Flight Lieutenant Said&Done.

Cue Top Gun music!


BHL Holly – Half Circle Skirt Hack: The “Don’t Dare to Jump Just Yet” Dress

#Jumpingintojune is coming closer and closer! Remember, some of use decided (some of us against better judgement 😉 ) to sew jumpsuits for June. If you are into this kind of thing there is till time to join – after all June has 30 jumpworthy days!

Here at Said&Done HQ I didn’t laze around cut and sewed my BHL Holly lumpsuit a couple of weeks ago. But of course it won’t be revealed yet – so to overcome my urge to show something Holly related I sewed a Holly dress.


Obvioulsy I used the BHL Holly bodice, UK size 14,  lengthened by about 5cm, and attached a half circle skirt to it. Same principle as the Impressionist’s Dress. The fabric is from deep stash, probably on of my oldest stash residents. This fabric was supposed to be all sorts of things in its time: A shirt, a shirtdress, some pajamas – but it never really made the grade for any of these projects. It has quite a crisp hand and so isn’t ideal for the Holly either, because she wants a soft drape rather than a crips hand, spoilt girl that she is. But hey, I quite like it for this dress all the same, even if the neckline isn’t as softly flowing as it could be. I had enough left to make Child 2 and Child 3 pajama pants and now I’m down to scraps on that fabric. A stash well busted!


So I am quietly pleased with myself as I swing out of May, only to ready myself to Jump into June.

In order to placate the Uncalled For Metaphor-Police I picked some flowers.


In the meantime it has actually been really cold, so the even thought of strappy dresses makes me shiver.

How are your jumpsuits coming on, if you are one of the June Jumpers? And who is too cold for the type of clothes they`d like to wear right now?

BHL Elisalex – Half Circle Hack: The Impressionist’s Dress


Can you even spot me in this field of flowers? I like to think I blend right in, a bit like one of the persons on an impressionist painting. It’s all in the mind, yes? Isn’t that what impressionism is about?

IMG_1442For this dress I used the bodice of the BHL Elisalex dress. I’d muslined and adapted it for my Siena dress, so I knew it fit well and I just can’t get over how easy to sew it is. of course you eagle eye will have spotted that it’s not hemmed yet – but this is only best practice for a bias cut skirt, isn’t it and could in no way be attributed to me putting the dress on before it’s finished 😉 .


I just love the back neckline of the dress. It’s suitable for daily wear, but it’s a bit more exciting than a normal round neckline. For this dress I added a kinda-half circle skirt. Kinda because I didn’t have enough fabric for a full half circle skirt – stupidly I had self-lined the bodice and waistband without thinking about fabric requirements for the skirt. Oh well…

So I’ll leave you with my by now infamous “I`m little and I know it” pose. I’m off to sew some jumpsuits for #jumpingintojune!


#jumpingintojune: What’s doing?

So, how is Jumping into June going for everybody? Are you basking in the glory of your new jumpsuit already? Or crying tears of desperation into your jumpsuit chiffon?

Please sound off in the comments and/or take the poll. You can add your own answers too!


And what pattern are you making? I have decided on the BHL Holly with pleat front bottoms. It’s looking good so far – so much so that I have ordered fabric for a second jumpsuit… Talk about madness 😉

So I hope it’s going well for everyone!

Chris x

Me Made May 15 meets Wardrobe Architect: Dress 1 – 4

This year for MMM I decided that rather than pledging to wear a certain amount of me mades I would make an effort to wear many of my dresses in order to evaluate what does and doesn’t work with them. In the process I hope to learn lessons about how to sew clothes that I will want to wear over and over.

For better of for worse I decided I would evaluate the dresses along the following categories:

  • style of dress: how much I like the pattern/cut/overall look
  • fit: how well I did adapting the pattern to my body and how much it works for me overall
  • finish: how well executed the sewing of this dress was
  • colour/pattern: all to do with the fabric
  • self-affirmation: how good I feel when wearing the dress
  • comfort factor of material: purely a fabric consideration. how well it wears
  • ease of care: because I’m lazy and I hate ironing and don’t want to spend a lot of time on looking after my garments

As an afterthought I decided to include skirt/top separates as well. In May it is still a bit cold here for summer dresses, so separates are a usefull addition to my MMM wardrobe.

So here it goes, dress 1 to 4. I have linked to the relevant blog posts if available.

Oh, and I’ve given points out of 10 for each category. May is the month for Eurovision, so I felt awarding credits was de rigeur!


Nr 1: The Siena Dress








Love it! The streamlined look is right up my street, especially when it’s juxtaposed with the flowery fabric 10


This is as close to perfect as my sewing gets. I muslined the bodice especially and adapted it for this dress and the skirt is my favourite ever skirt pattern which gives me room across the hips and thighs while keeping up the pencil shape 10


Pretty good, just the invisible zip isn’t set in perfectly. But I had ruined so many zips by getting too close the the teeth that I decided to call it a day on what I had. Not a biggie in my book. 8

Colour pattern

I love flowers although I don’t wear them a lot because I feel they can be a bit girly/dowdy on me. But because the pique fabric has a sporty rather than chintzy vibe I think the flowers in all their abundance work really well. 9

Self affirmation

Can give extra points for this? This is a definite ten! I feel like me in this dress but like a better, funner, younger version of me. Just putting this on makes me smile. 10

Comfort of material

Fantastic! This pique has quite a bit of stretch in it (I think that is a factor of the way it’s weaved rather than any lycra content) and so it is not restrictive at all. Also, the cotton keeps me nice and cool – always important because I hate to swelter in my clothes. 10

Ease of care

It creases only very moderately to I can get away with wearing it twice without ironing inbetween. However, it’s not non-iron after washing, so that’s a pity. 7


Nr 2: Culottes and boxy top








Slightly undecided about this. The look got a widespread thumbs up from you dear readers, so that makes me reappreaciate the good points. 6


Pretty good in general. The waistband isn’t snug enough, so if I decide to wear these often I will need to change it. The fit of the top is fine, I think. It it meant for drapey fabrics and this one clearly is not, but I like that way it looks. 7


Again, it’s fine. If it weren’t for the fit issues I would not change the finish. But clearly I did not pay any special attention to the finish as this look is in its trial phase. So this is average RTW rather than aspiring to anything higher. 8

Colour pattern

The top is a jaquard which I love, the culottes are a bit more edgy. I think it works better as bottoms than as the top I originally bought it for. 6

Self affirmation

Hmm, difficult one. I’m torn between feeling strange and “fashion” in this outfit. Both is slightly unusual for me. I guess the outfit has to be worn with conviction! 6

Comfort of material

Great! Nice and breathy. All natural fibres, not restrictive in any way. Very, very comfortable. 10

Ease of care

The culottes need ironing after each wear, a bit of a bummer for this ironing analphabet. But it will press really well, so no major issues. 6


Nr 3: The Amalfi Dress








After the first full day of wear I actually like it less than I thought I would. It adds a bit more volume to the hips than necessary and because the skirts sticks out a bit (all to do with the choice of fabric) it looks a bit little girl to me 6


A good fit as such, but maybe I have to resign myself to the fact that wrap dresses aren’t for me. There is a fair amount of gaping, maybe because I am not well endowed enough to hold the bodice taught. So a lot of adjusting required throughout the day, and I still would want to wear a cami underneath. 5


Putting the fit issue to one side (I don’t have the skills to decide if I could have avoided the gaping problem by making fit changes so I’m giving the benefit of the doubt) the finish is good. 8

Colour/ pattern

I love the pattern and the colours, but looking at the dress when worn with a cardigan I think it is a bit much. I think it looks better with bare arms. 7

Self affirmation

The fit issues made me feel a little bit self-conscious, although the gaping wasn’t horrible. Bit I still felt I had to adjust a fair bit, and I don’t like to have the feeling I have to manage my clothes 5

Comfort of material

Good! The material has no stretch at all, so naturally it is not as comfortable as a fabric with a little bit of give. But other than than it’s good. 8

Ease of care

It’s easy to wash and the main fabric hardly creases. But those lapels are a nightmare to iron. The keep creasing and creasing… argh!! 7

Nr 4: T-Shirt dress – unblogged, which really says it all…








Nothing special, just like a lengthened T-shirt. I like the scoop neckline, I think I got just the right depth of scoop here. BUT some confidence issues thanks to the midriff-clinging quality. So while I like the style I’m just not sure I like it on me. 6


Judging objectively, the fit is absolutely fine. Not hard to achieve, as it’s made from ponte jersey and will just sli p on. But subjectively, all I see when looking down myself is the tummy roll. I do realise it’s not big and I shouldn’t worry about it, but I still do… So I very rarely wear this dress out in public like I did today. 8/4 (objective/subjective fit)


Good. All serged and coverstitched – I think this was one of the first garments I made using my coverstitch machine. 8

Colour pattern

Hm… The combination really is a little boring. My husband really likes the dress and I get compliments every time I wear it, but for warmer weather it’s just a little drab. 5

Self affirmation

Oh dear!! I’m surprised how much the tummy-roll-issue bothers me, and in fact it goes against all my long-held feminist believes that the exteriour should not dictate a person’s sense of self-worth. But I have to admit that I felt very self-conscious today. 3

Comfort of material

Very comfortable! The ponte has a fair amout of polyester in it, though, so it is a bit more sweaty than I would like.
Lesson learnt: Avoid fabrics with high poly content! 7

Ease of care

Can get easier than that. Wear, wash, dry, done! 10



Goodness, that took  a lot longer than I thought it would. So what have I learnt so far:

  • Don’t be tempted by man-made fibres, because while I like the look and textures I often don’t like wearing them.
  • Don’t underestimate the way in which clothes can change my perception of myself – Siena dress vs. T-Shirt dress are a case in point where I can go from feeling great to feeling quite self-conscious with one change of clothes.


How is your MMM going? Any relevations so far?

Jumping Right In: BHL Holly Muslin #jumpingintojune

Jumping right in – and jumping head first into problems! But ever your servant I thought I should aprise you of my delopments in the world of jumpsuits.

In the interest of sewing honesty this blog contains some graphic muslim images some readers might find distressing 😉 .

Well, I did a quick muslin of the BHL Holly trousers (is it trousers or is it pants now? I’m all confused, so I’m sticking with trousers, because that’s what I learnt at school ca 1980).

I tell, you this is the easiest pair of trousers you’ll ever sew! And in fact they fit really well, straight from the envelope (size UK 14, no changes at all).

Eingebetteter Bild-Link

There must be a cleverer way of making a belfie, but I’ve only just got the hang of normal selfies. Baby steps!

Anyways, the back is fine, I think, inspite the snug on the butt-ness the envelope scared me with.

Eingebetteter Bild-Link

The fit from the side is good too – BUT it’s very high-waisted and body-fitting across the tummy. And that is, well, my problem area. I really hate drawing attention to the tummy roll, so this is a no go for me.

Eingebetteter Bild-Link

The front fit might need a little bit taken out of the front crotch, but nothing drastic. But you can see the tummy problem again. Would never wear that! But that is no criticism of the pattern. In fact I’m impressed with the fit, it’s just that it clings to the wrong place for my shape.

I tried lowering the waistline so that is hits right across the tummy roll. That is a lot better, but still not great. So right now I’m wondering whether to use the Holly bodice and another pair of wide-legged trousers for the bottoms.

Maybe I could lengthen the culottes? They have pleats across the tummy and the added benefit of pockets. I see myself slouching next to some imaginary pool, cocktail in one hand, other hand in pocket, free jazz playing in the back ground. Nobody say that my interior monologue isn’t working!

So, where’s it at regarding your jumpsuits? Do tell!

Jumping into June Update: Those who dare



This was edited to include more sewists ready to brave the jumpsuit. I wasn’t sure about everybody’s names, please let me know if you’d like me to include it in the list.


It might be mad, bad and dangerous, but it’s definitely happening: Jumping into June is now a thing.

If you are curious to find out what this it is, read all about it in this post.

So far the following brave women have signed up for sewing a jumpsuit until June:

  1. Ali ofThimberlina
  2. Amanda of Sew Deputy
  3. my good self, Chris of Said&Done: Handmade by Chris
  4. Neela of SewFusion 
  5. Nakisha of SewCraftyChemist
  6. Teresa of  Navybluethreads – who really started this all
  7. Sew and Supper
  8. Beth of Sewing Soothes the Soul (oh yes Beth, it so does!)
  9. Niqueknacks
  10. Delightfully Peculiar
  11. Hannah of Handmade by Hannah
  12. Helena of Gray All Day
  13. Sonia of Ginger Makes
  14. Tia Dia of MezzoCouture
  15. Berrold of What Gladys Wore
  16. Miranda of Cured Couture
  17. Beth of After Dark Sewing
  18. Alex of Sewrendipidy
  19. Sandesh of bedlam & bird
  20. Mari of My Simple Country Cottage
  21. Paulina of Sew you Think you Can

Of course we hope many more will want to join!

For your inspiration there is a Pinterest board suitably named Jumping into June . It contains some pattern inspiration. If you would like to pin to this board let me know and I’ll add you.

Of course there is a hashtag #jumpingintojune for Twitter.

I hope I have not missed anyone off this list. If I have please drop me a line and you will be on it before you can say jumpingintojune.

Chris x