Top 5 Unexpected Fails of 2014


2014 has been a prolific sewing year for me and I’m pleased to say that with all that practice my skills have improved so much that I made very few wadders as such. But there were a few items that I completed and to acceptable standard and that still have not stood the test of time in my wardrobe.

So feast your eyes on the Top 5 Unexpected Fails of 2014.

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Clear Winner: The Not-At-All-Bomber Jacket.
I really took my time on this, but it turned out that everything is wrong on this, fabric, high neckline, poofy sleeves, short lenght… I have since traced a different Bomber pattern, because I don’t learn, do I?


Runner Up: The Oooh-tight-JeansIMG_8605

Completely nothing wrong with these – I just made them for a thinner version of me… I squeezed myself into them for the pictures, thinking that jeans need to be tight, but I have not worn them a single time since. Chances I’m gonna get thinner? Well….


Joint Nr Three: Is it the Yellow?-Skirts


I really should learn! Here are two skirts that I thought about for a long time, made with effort and put into my wardrobe not to wear them once. I don’t even know why. I still like them, even looking at the pictures now, but I still never reached for them when the weather was right. Does that only happen to me?



And finally the Bit Too Psychodelic-Top

IMG_7866I was all excited when I bought the fabric, but I had to learn that I look better in psychodelic print inside my head than in real life.  I like the pattern as such but I think it looks much better as a dress:

IMG_8124 This top is just too much, plus I always think it looks a bit maternity on me, so this has gone into the alterations pile.  Maybe the fabric is going to be reborn as a tanktop or some thing not as voluminous.


So there, my Top 5 Unexpected Fails of 2015. As of this evening, January 6, I have already completed three garments in 2015, but only blogged the Russian General Coat. If I go on at this rate I might have to increase the list to Top 10 Fails of 2015 😉 .


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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Unexpected Fails of 2014

  1. navybluethreads January 6, 2015 at 10:51 pm Reply

    I think you could definitely convert that last dress into a more wearable top. It’s frustrating to put all that effort into something, admire the outcome but still never to wear it. Those two skirts are lovely and suit you well. I’m really trying to match my makes to my actual lifestyle (no more too dressy dresses, hello lots of knits), quite what my first make of the new year – a draught excluder-says about my lifestyle I don’t know 😉 But it’s been ‘worn’, by my house at least, every day since its creation 🙂

  2. SewingElle January 6, 2015 at 11:09 pm Reply

    These reflection on wearability posts are so interesting. I sort of understand the bomber jacket, jeans and dress being on this list, but what’s with those two lovely skirts?!

  3. Tia Dia January 7, 2015 at 3:04 am Reply

    I love these wearability posts. Isn’t it funny what constitutes a failure in our own minds? I love your skirts, but totally get that they may not be what you are instinctively drawn to when looking through your closet. And the fit on the jeans is unfortunate, because they look so good! And kudos for your first three projects of 2015!

  4. Linda of Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!! January 7, 2015 at 8:13 am Reply

    Now now now… It happens to us all! And honestly … If you dont like the yellow and black plaid skirt can uou ship it over to me! 😀 i think I have made a top exactly like your last dress. When it is shorter it isnt so full. Sometimes i have a lovely idea and buy lovely fabric and end up with something I never wear… Oh well! Lets just keep on sewing and not tell anyone!

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