In Off-Sewing News: Travel Advice for US East Coast needed!

I know, I know… First she doesn’t post for ages and then she comes along and wants info that has nothing whatsoever to do with sewing. But maybe, just maybe you could indulge me?? Pretty please?

Thing is: We’ve been thinking about spending our summer holidays in the States. First off we thought of going to Florida, but then we had second thoughts because while we enjoy a beach holiday we would like to have more options than just that.
So we have now been wondering about combining a beach holiday with a slightly more “educational” trip by flying into New York, driving first up the coast towards Boston and ideally even further up into New England, then down to DC for a spot of sightseeing and then to Virginia for a few days on the beach.

  • We have looked through some guide books and that all looks feasible to me, but is it really?
    We`d be taking Child 2 and 3 with us, who will be 12 and 9 at the time, so they have some stamina, but do you think the distances are ok? Or would be need to spend days and days on the road just to get from A to B?
  • Is a beach holiday in Virginia a good idea? Virginia Beach looks nice, but is it? Everybody from Europe seem to only ever got to Florida or California for a beach holiday. Are they right or are they missing something in not going to Virginia?
  • How warm is the sea likely to be? Is is nice to swim there or so cold that you need to be a hardy soul to swim?
  • Any nice places to visit along that route or general good ideas?

As always, your input is greatly appreciated!


5 thoughts on “In Off-Sewing News: Travel Advice for US East Coast needed!

  1. wastedmyweekends January 5, 2015 at 5:03 pm Reply

    How long is your trip for? Thats might be a lot to pack into one week, but it would be totally doable with two. If it’s in your budget, consider taking Amtrak between NY and Boston and Boston to DC if you just want to stay in the cities. Driving up and down the eastern seaboard is a little unpleasant during the summer when people are trying to make the most of their weekends. If driving is way better for your activities, then go for it, but try to avoid driving on the main throughfares on friday afternoons and Sunday evenings when traffic will be gross and your travel time doubled.

    Virginia beach is very pleasant (im from VA), but you just have to be aware that the beaches arent nearly as gorgeous as those in Florida and Cali. Swim and surfable in the summer, though not as warm as Florida’s, of course. Good luck!

    • Chris January 5, 2015 at 5:33 pm Reply

      Thanks for the tips! Yes, we were thinking of doing 2 weeks – it’s worth bearing weekend traffic in mind, I would not have thought of that. Given that you are from VA, is there anywhere on a beach your would recommend for spending around 5 days, other than Virginia Beach, which is the only place my guidebook seems to know?

  2. wastedmyweekends January 5, 2015 at 8:12 pm Reply

    Virginia Beach is definitely your best bet for a beach in Virginia, and Colonial Williamsburg is on the way there if traveling from DC, so even more educational opportunities!!. VA Beach is already a 3 or 4-hour drive from DC. If you wanted to go further, there are nice beaches on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (many Virginians vacation there), but the travel time might not be worth it for your purposes.

  3. Jane M January 7, 2015 at 4:57 am Reply

    If you are only going as far south as Washington, DC for sightseeing purposes and also want to make it to New York and/or New England then you might want to consider the Delaware beaches to cut down on your driving distances. I live in Maryland and don’t like the busier high rise beaches of Maryland but like the more family oriented Rehobeth and Betheny Beach areas just a little north in Delaware. We’ve been to Virginia Beach but didn’t like it as much as the more remote North Carolina beaches. But that would make for a lot of driving

    • Chris January 7, 2015 at 7:12 pm Reply

      Thanks for the tip – this is just the info I’ve been looking for, as our guidebooks don’t seem to cover these areas at all.

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