Barcelona Update and Some Selfless Sewing

Ooops, I’ve been away for much longer than I thought I would. No real reason, I suppose, so I can’t even write a massive apology for blogging reluctance…
Of course I went to Barcelona in July, allegedly to accompany my students on their end of year trip, but really just to try out my Barcelona Collection ;-).

OMG, I tell ya: if you haven’t been and you ever have the chance to spend time in Barcelona, do! It’s absolutely brilliant! I had been there once before, but that was in February and while I liked it then, the city hadn’t lodged itself in my affections in any particular way. But in summer! Barcelona is just marvelous! I can’t rave enough…

But I digress. Sewing wise, my trip didn’t really pay off. I bought the July issue of Patrones, but more because I felt I had to, there aren’t any patterns in there that make me throw over my queue. I also bought a couple of fabrics, but I couldn’t really concentrate, maybe because the choice was huge and my Spanish quite limited…

So now I’m back I have been taking it rather slowly. I have got the first bits of autumn sewing on my mind, but because the weather is really rather nice at the moment I’ll give that a break for now.

In fact, the realisation has dawned on me that I sew far too much for the amount of clothing I actually need. So I’m trying my hand at selfless sewing for once. No-one in my family is actually very keen on home-made clothes, but I have now convinced Child 2 to agree to wear hand-made shirts.

DSC_0079I’m using Burdastyle 3/2013 #147, the boy’s shirt on the two pictures on the left hand side of the picture. Child 2 at age 11 is in the largest children’s size that Burdastyle tend to publish, size 156, so I better get a move on to make him something while it still fits. You can see from my pile of fabrics that he is not exactly fashion forward: blues, whites and reds is basically the limit of his pallet.

And to be honest, there is a rather selfish aspect about this while venture: I’m using these kid’s shirts as practice for my own shirts. I have now made a couple of shirt dresses so I kinda know what I am doing, but some details of plackets, collars, buttons etc. still want a little improvement. I doubt that Child 2 minds if the top-stitching on the collar stand is not quite straight, so I’ll make him my shirt-sewing-guinea-pig.

How about you: Are you selfless sewers? Or do need some encouragement like I do?


4 thoughts on “Barcelona Update and Some Selfless Sewing

  1. Tia Dia August 8, 2014 at 2:36 pm Reply

    You are right about Barcelona. I love love love that city! As for selfless sewing, I’m in the same conundrum you are in: too many me-mades for me to wear. But no one in my house needs anything, either. I ask every 6 months or so, and the girls flip through the pattern stash, so I do some selfless sewing. I find it easier to fit others than sew for myself these days.

    • Chris August 9, 2014 at 9:14 pm Reply

      I have to be honest and say that I haven’t really done any kind of fitting for my son. Just made him put on the half finished shirt, it was decided that it would fit around him and that was about it 😉

  2. SewingElle August 8, 2014 at 11:04 pm Reply

    Oh yes, Barcelona! I want to go back there too! I’ve been doing a bit of selfless sewing too lately, because my daughter needs more clothes than I, but really neither of us are dressing in rags. What a good idea to practice shirt making skills on your son.

    • Chris August 9, 2014 at 9:15 pm Reply

      Thanke Elle! We’ll see it I ever get to make a professional looking shirt for myself.

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