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No Sewing, But Still My Proudest Make: Large Mosaic Table

It’s got nothing to do with sewing, but it’s still handmade – and it’s my most complicated, most time-consuming project and the one I’m most proud of ever: my garden mosaic table

IMG_8849The table is handmade from start to finish, beginning with some slightly questionable sewing of the round table top to the copper band finishing the sides.

IMG_8851The table is 125cm in diameter and will sit the five of us comfortably. It was made specifically to fit into our garden pavilion.

As a stand for the table top I bought an old Singer sewing machine stand off ebay:



The table has actually been in use for two years, but I only completed it last week with the addition of the copper band. Originally I had put mosaic tiles around the perimeter of the table, but they had all fallen off in the frost (the table lives outdoors all years round) and so I was looking for a more robust finish and I think the copper band looks great.

IMG_8853At the moment it’s still a bit shiny, but over time it will darken and get closer in tone to the table stand.

I have to say that I really love this table, and I would happily continue making mosaic furniture – but there is only so much mosaic furniture a house can take ;-).

IMG_8861I even added this chandelier in order to celebrate the completion of this labour of love. Of course the weather turned cold the next day… But at least I got one night to try!




Barcelona Update and Some Selfless Sewing

Ooops, I’ve been away for much longer than I thought I would. No real reason, I suppose, so I can’t even write a massive apology for blogging reluctance…
Of course I went to Barcelona in July, allegedly to accompany my students on their end of year trip, but really just to try out my Barcelona Collection ;-).

OMG, I tell ya: if you haven’t been and you ever have the chance to spend time in Barcelona, do! It’s absolutely brilliant! I had been there once before, but that was in February and while I liked it then, the city hadn’t lodged itself in my affections in any particular way. But in summer! Barcelona is just marvelous! I can’t rave enough…

But I digress. Sewing wise, my trip didn’t really pay off. I bought the July issue of Patrones, but more because I felt I had to, there aren’t any patterns in there that make me throw over my queue. I also bought a couple of fabrics, but I couldn’t really concentrate, maybe because the choice was huge and my Spanish quite limited…

So now I’m back I have been taking it rather slowly. I have got the first bits of autumn sewing on my mind, but because the weather is really rather nice at the moment I’ll give that a break for now.

In fact, the realisation has dawned on me that I sew far too much for the amount of clothing I actually need. So I’m trying my hand at selfless sewing for once. No-one in my family is actually very keen on home-made clothes, but I have now convinced Child 2 to agree to wear hand-made shirts.

DSC_0079I’m using Burdastyle 3/2013 #147, the boy’s shirt on the two pictures on the left hand side of the picture. Child 2 at age 11 is in the largest children’s size that Burdastyle tend to publish, size 156, so I better get a move on to make him something while it still fits. You can see from my pile of fabrics that he is not exactly fashion forward: blues, whites and reds is basically the limit of his pallet.

And to be honest, there is a rather selfish aspect about this while venture: I’m using these kid’s shirts as practice for my own shirts. I have now made a couple of shirt dresses so I kinda know what I am doing, but some details of plackets, collars, buttons etc. still want a little improvement. I doubt that Child 2 minds if the top-stitching on the collar stand is not quite straight, so I’ll make him my shirt-sewing-guinea-pig.

How about you: Are you selfless sewers? Or do need some encouragement like I do?