MMM14 Roundup: Day 20 – 26

This week has seen glorious weather, so there was the long-awaited chance to get out some summer clothes. But boy, have I had a week at work – that’s why this roundup only hits the blog at the end of MMM

Day 20:

For some reason unfathomable to me the link doesn’t show straight away, but this is what those shorts looked like last year:



I had a day off, so I reached for some shorts I made last year and my basic T. None of this is exciting, but it gets worn over and over again.


Day 21:


The green jeans are  only the third not me-made garment this month! And in fact ever since I started making my own jeans I keep noticing the fitting problems in RTW jeans. These ones for example have a lot of bagginess across the crotch and at the top of the seat and I am happy (and yes, a little proud too) that my me-made jeans actually fit me better than these. That must be a result in itself, no?

The top is another version of my basic raglan T – these babies just keep coming!

Day 22:

IMG_8117I was working from home and using the chance to wear this dress for the first time. It’s from Burdastyle 2/2013. Earlier this month I wore a top with sleeves based on the same pattern. I wasn’t sure whether the top isn’t a bit too maternity, but I am happier with the look on the dress, because the weight of the fabric streamlines the look a little bit and makes it clear that any amount of tummy is due to overeating, not pregnancy 😉

Day 23IMG_7965This is one result  of my recent maxi-dress knit craze. I paired it with a RTW waistcoat and a wide belt to make it look not completely as if I was thinking of the beach all the time. Not sure if I fooled anyone…

Day 24:

IMG_7959I. Really. Do. Want. To. Go. To. The. Beach!

Day 25

IMG_8071I wore this dress for the first time – it’s yet unblogged but hopefully I will get round to this soon. This is my second attempt at conquering the pointy boob dress, but this time I added a circle skirt rather than a straight skirt. I spent a whole day’s cycling in this, so I felt really 1950s style glamorous.


Day 26:

This is just a sneaky peak: It’s my entry to The Monthly Stitch Indie Dress competition. But psst, there are RULEZ and so I can’t say more about this dress at this point.



What transpires at the end of this week is that I have far too many clothes!! There are so many me-mades, even recent ones, that I haven’t even had the chance to wear once. I really should sew less…

No, you’re right, I didn’t really think that 🙂


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One thought on “MMM14 Roundup: Day 20 – 26

  1. Marianne K June 1, 2014 at 2:40 pm Reply

    Ha, who do you think you’re fooling 😉 I really like your day 25 dress!

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