MMM14, Day 6: Jeans and Sleeveless Blouse

I planned this outfit five days ago, because today is the one day in the year when I have to be at work before 7 – which means I leave the house at 6 and my clothes matching powers aren’t that great early in the morning.


The jeans are another rendition of my favourite jeans pattern (unblogged yet, but these use the same pattern – and these too) and the blouse is a sleeveless version of the Synchronised Swimmers blouse.


Here the sleeveless version in Liberty silk.

IMG_7689And here the Swimmers, for your comparative pleasure.

Tomorrow I work from home – there might just be a chance for a picture with me inside the outfit ;-).


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One thought on “MMM14, Day 6: Jeans and Sleeveless Blouse

  1. […] I did one of those online personality (aka time-wasting) tests yesterday and it’s result was that I am never predictable. Well, be that as it may, you would never know from my choice of clothing. Today I am wearing the same pattern of jeans again I wore on Tuesday: […]

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