MMM 14, Day 2: Jeans and Psychodelic Top

As this gets published I am actually sitting in a train towards Switzerland where I will be meeting friends this weekend – so this outfit was planned in advance. If everything goes according to plan I will be wearing this today:


The jeans are my favourite TNT trouser pattern (I must have made six or seven versions of this) and a top from Burdastyle spring ’13 (I think it might have been February or March). The top is not blogged yet. I made the same pattern as a sleeveless dress and I actually prefer it. The top looks a bit maternity, I think… Hopefully I get a chance to show you the dress during MMM.


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2 thoughts on “MMM 14, Day 2: Jeans and Psychodelic Top

  1. Tia Dia May 2, 2014 at 8:15 pm Reply

    Love the top. I’ve been considering that one, but am a bit afraid of the maternity look. Your fabric is perfect.

  2. […] home and using the chance to wear this dress for the first time. It’s from Burdastyle 2/2013. Earlier this month I wore a top with sleeves based on the same pattern. I wasn’t sure whether the top isn’t a bit too maternity, but I am happier with the […]

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