Burdastyle2/2012 #112 : The Every Day Raglan Top

If you want exciting sewey news, curious fabrics and tales of sewing on the edge – look away now. What you are about to see is sewing news of the most boring kind: I made a knit top. I cut it out, sewed it up and then it was finished.

What turned out was this:


I know – bo-wing!!

But all the same this is the top I have worn most often since I made it. It’s basically in constant rotation.

IMG_7578Look, there’s me rotating the top!! What??? One doesn’t make a boring post more interesting by adding horrible puns, I hear you say. Oh…..

IMG_7579At least here there is a shot of the top tucked in.

I used Burdastyle 2/2012 #112 . I made no changes apart from adding two little darts at the mid shoulder of the raglan sleeve because they were gaping a bit. I don’t think that was just me – even on the Burda model picture I think I spot a little gapey-ness. I did not do a lot of thinking about this, I just eyeballed those darts and was done with it. I can recommend this strategy – I made another two tops since (no pictures, I don’t want to bore you any further), so I think this is turning into a staple pattern. Since I have a coverstitch machine these types of tops are so quick to do because I don’t have to throw a tantrum over the twin needle…

I used the leftovers of the pointy boob dress, which is now at the back of the fix-it-queue after I have thrown more expletives at those pointy darts than is appropriate or even healthy for a lady. I will conquer it one day!! I hope…

I just love the aqua colour, it’s one of my basic colours and it goes with so many things in my wardrobe. I’m particularly partial to the combination of aqua and white at the moment (it’s what I call the toothpaste combination for added freshness).

Oh, and the skirt is one of the simple pencil skirts Burdastyle do in every other issue. Can’t remember which one, but the fabric is from the IKEA home section once again.

Well, and then I went to London for a spot of fabric shopping – more news shortly 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Burdastyle2/2012 #112 : The Every Day Raglan Top

  1. I made it!! April 16, 2014 at 5:37 am Reply

    Those colours look very nice on you. It’s always nice to have a fallback pattern!

  2. Amanda April 16, 2014 at 7:53 am Reply

    I laughed when I got to the ‘pointy boob ‘ dress reference – I have one on my fix-it-queue too! I am loving aqua too and it seems to be a spring colour for the UK.

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  4. […] top is another version of my basic raglan T – these babies just keep […]

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