My Journey in Quilts #8 : Have a Nice Day!

This is the first quilt I made in quite a while and the first that was almost a commission.


I made it for the daughter of a friend who unfortunately is very sick and has to spend a lot of time in hospital or at home. That must be a very frightening and isolating experience for anybody, but especially for a young teenager, so I made the quilt to cheer her up at least a little bit.

But of course I did not just start making any quilt – my friend’s daughter and my own daughter are the same age so I have learned not to pre-judge a teenager’s wishes. So I asked and found out she wanted a colour scheme of red white and blue and more of a rectangular, modern vibe.


So I made block from Tula Pink’s book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks and also used ideas from her book for assembling the blocks. The letters are ironed on using double-sided interfacing and then stitched in place using a zig-zag-stitch.


I only did some very simple quilting: stitching in the ditch along the long horizontal white stripes and freehand squiggly lines to fill those stripes. I first wanted to quilt everywhere, but then I could not get my head around whether to quilt over the letters or not, so I ended up with minimal quilting.


The back and binding are stripes of those fabrics that also appear in the blocks. I was able to make the whole quilt from stash with the exception of the white stripes, so it was a stash buster as well.


I am happy to report my friend’s daughter was pleased with the result!



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2 thoughts on “My Journey in Quilts #8 : Have a Nice Day!

  1. cathynd95 April 4, 2014 at 2:21 am Reply

    Beautiful and such a thoughtful gift

  2. Anonymous April 7, 2014 at 7:15 pm Reply

    Lovly gift good job

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