Burdastyle 2/2010 # 128: Another White Jacket

I’m not really quite sure why, but I made another white wool jacket. Earlier this year I made my winter trench coat jacket – my first foray into coat making. Then I got another cut of wool in  an absolute, incredible, mind-boggling bargain from fabricmart.com (my husband’s American haul), but due to weight restrictions (and my stupidity in trying and failing to convert yards to metres – I know, it really isn’t hard at all) I only got 2 yards of the fabric. Note to self: 1.8 metres is not enough to make a full length coat!

So I make a blazer-type jacket. The pattern is Burdastyle 2/2010 #128.


IMG_7584The front looks a bit doubtful on this picture – I think it looks a lot better in real life. Hope it is the way I’m standing 😉 . Or have I sewed on those buttons at different heights and never noticed? Hmmm…

IMG_7592I can put my hands into the pockets, but they really they sit a bit too high up to do that comfortably. I did not even consider that when deciding on the pocket placement. In fact, I did not really decide either, I just placed them where the pattern wanted them. So maybe this is not a hands-in-pockets jacket.

IMG_7585It’s a very straightforward oversized/boyfriend type blazer cut. It has bust darts as its only shaping which I would not usually consider, but because I already have a white jacket I thought I might as well experiment with the looser cut that I don’t usually wear. I quite like it at the moment, but I keep looking for a belt to cinch it in. The looser cut is definitely something to try and get used to.

IMG_7591It’s lined with a light green lining and on this photo you can really see how thin the fashion fabric is. This makes the choice of making two white jackets a lot more sensible (or so I’m telling myself at least): the winter trench is for colder weather, this jacket is for cool but not cold weather. Not that this is much help to me at the moment (North American readers who have been suffering in what must the longest winter since the beginning of time, scroll down now in order not to get completely frustrated)…

Well, the coat is not much use to me at the moment, because the warmest winter ever has just given way to the loveliest and most consistent spring I remember and I don’t need a wool coat of any description any more. It’s very early autumn sewing, I suppose 🙂 .

The construction was very simple, but I made my own shoulder pads using this tutorial. I’d always thought this would be really complicated, but in fact it took about half an hour to make those shoulder pads from scratch and they sit much, much better than ready-made ones. So certainly for a coat or blazer I am going to continue making my own – the garment is a joy to put on now because the shoulder pads really mould to the garment and feel supportive but don’t get into the way.

How about you: Are you sewing season-appropriate garments at the moment? Or are you or have you ever been too early or late for the season with your projects?


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2 thoughts on “Burdastyle 2/2010 # 128: Another White Jacket

  1. I made it!! March 31, 2014 at 5:07 pm Reply

    It is a thin material isn’t it? Might be cold! I have usually started things – like a winter coat – and it has taken so long for me to finish that it is summer when I am done and I no longer need it!

    • Chris April 2, 2014 at 11:59 pm Reply

      that’s happened to me too. I have an UFO I started two summers ago – might as well go and check whether I can finish this year 🙂

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