Famous Last Words and a Preview of Burdastyle 2/14

“I’ll just quickly put this collar in” was what I said before I produced this:


Can you see the puckering in both corners? No surprise, given that I had ripped out the collar after a futile first attempt, but only after having clipped the curves  and corners already. I kind of knew that I would not be able to correctly insert a collar that had already been ripped and stretched. And I know that you don’t ever rush complicated details such as a collar. But inspite of my better judgement I did it anyway – and I was almost laughing at myself as I did it. Silly, ey? Sometimes I don’t know what comes over me when I persevere with a task that is already doomed.

Anyway, I recut the collar and hopefully attempt #3 will go better.

On a more positive note: Burda have released a preview of the February edition. For once there are quite a few nice things there.  Mind you, it’s the pastel edition and I have a thing for pastels at the moment. Must be spring that’s in the air – it has been unseasonably warm here.

Some technical drawings for the February edition are here. Enjoy!


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