Burdastyle 1/14 #122 : Asymmetric Top

To be honest, I have not really felt the Burda vibe in any great way recently. Although I have sewn a few things from the latest editions (none of them blogged yet – sorry…), there was nothing I was really excited about, nothing where I saw the preview and had fabric and notions ready on the day the magazine arrived, traced the same night and completed sewing a couple of days later. But dutifully I made the top from the cover – in fact I made it twice!

No 1 was from a ponte jersey that I bought online (in order to qualify for free shipping – yes, it was that cheap) and that was clearly a mistake. I like the look of the fabric, but the quality is a rather horrible and quite stiff polyester. So I thought I should use this to practice my coverstitch skills.

Because the fabric is so stiff the top actually came out a little tight although I cut a size 40 – often for knit tops I go down to a 38. The construction is extremely easy and the whole top came together in no time.

I finished the neck by simply turning the hem over and then coverstitching it, no fussing with a bias tape or anything like that. I am starting to get the hang of the coverstitch machine, although I feel there is still quite a bit to learn.

No 2 was started on the same night. I had some leftover fabric from a rayon jersey and the original project I wanted to make turned out a fail so I was keen to make something wearable out of the rest of the fabric.


I had to do some slightly creative cutting because I did not have the required width for the front part left, but I think I got away with it.


The top is about 5cm shorter than the first one, but it comes out a little loose. Oh for the variety of fabrics!! Just goes to show that simply making a muslin may not even be enough, because different fabrics behave so differently, even if they are broadly speaking the same type.

IMG_6464So there you go: Some words of wisdom that I am sure I will forget before I make up the next version of this top, if ever there is one – I like the sewing of it better than the wearing. Does that ever happen to any of you? Or should have my sewing head looked into?


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