Burdastyle 11/12 #107 AGAIN: My First Attempt at Jeans

One of my New Year’s Re-Sewlutions was to finally get my act together and make my own jeans. Somehow making ones own jeans somehow seems to me the gold standard of home-sewing – I am not even sure why and I’m not a massive jeans lover anyway. But I got the idea into my head and I have tried to act on it.

But what does make a pair of jeans? Is it:

  • the use of denim/jeans fabric?
  • the typical five pocket cut
  • the typical finishing details such as contrast colour topstitching and rivets?

I not fashion-forward enough to even know an answer to this question… The pattern I chose is my favourite trouser pattern (out of a sample size of 2) – it’s Burdastyle 11/12 #107, made before here and here. It does not have the typical jeans back yoke, so I am not sure it even qualifies, but it’s a pattern that I know and love the fit of.

So far everything is going rather well. One thing I noticed is how my skills have improved over the last year – I can now sew the pockets or install the zip without any drama and it’s not just a stroke of luck that they turn out ok.


I also decided to add some back pockets that are not in the original pattern.


I have since been told (by my husband of all people) that the topstitching design is specific to the designer. Is that true? I’m just asking because I simply copied the pockets off a pair of Calvin Kleins – but of course I would not wish to be seen to steal their design!!


The topstitching is going all rather well – in fact I have quite a love affair with topstitching going on at the moment. But look what happened:

20131227_120206Of course the topstitching should meet in the middle of the crotch and because I sewed the crotch seam first before the inseam I did think about the fact that I would need to topstitch both the front and the back crotch onto the same side. So oops, I still did it wrongly but then no-one will be looking at my crotch I hope, so it’ll stay that way.

I was almost able to finish the jeans today, but then I broke two needles on the last belt loop after four belt loops had gone on without incident, so I decided that stepping away from it all might be the best policy.


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4 thoughts on “Burdastyle 11/12 #107 AGAIN: My First Attempt at Jeans

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  3. Gail January 12, 2014 at 12:21 pm Reply

    Great jeans. Re the crotch stitching misalignment…frankly I’d be worried if anyone was looking that closely!

    • Chris January 12, 2014 at 10:37 pm Reply

      Yep Gail, just my thinking. If anybody does look I will look back with such disdain that worry about faulty stitching will be the last of their worries ;- )

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