New Year’s Re-Sew-lutions

I am not really big on pledges and such, given that my life is – by necessity, not choice – very, very structured, and there are many things that I HAVE to do anyway . So I don’t want to burden sewing, my hobby, with loads of firm commitments.

But a few thoughts about things I might want to achieve and some ordering of thoughts never goes amiss, I think, so here, in no particular order, are my Re-Sew-lutions for 2014.

  1. Make jeans. Finally! All those jeans fabric are burning a hole in my stash, they need to go.
  2. Learn more about the particulars of my body shape. Fit for Real People have some great instructions for this and I have never really had a proper look at the book, so 2014 should be the time.
  3. Make at least three blazers. I have navy and dark grey wool plus lining for both  at the top of the cue and waiting and an ivory mystery boucle type fabric for a little spring number.
  4. Finish my quilt. I am making a quilt for myself – I am the only one in my family who does not have one, so it’s about time.
  5. Make undies. I have such a lot of knit offcuts that I would not have to buy any knickers anymore ever if I got around to making them into undies.
  6. Move closer to a handmade wardrobe. No strict rules, I will still shop if I want to, but I have learned such a lot sewing wise over the last year that this goal seem a lot more achievable than a year ago.
  7. Find a solution for the photo crisis on my blog. In fact, this should be my top non-sewing re-sew-lution.
  8. Possible take part in MeMadeMay? If I sort out the photo problem than MMM should be easy – I wear at least one me-made item almost every day anyway.
  9. Not really something I will enjoy doing: Make a feasible covered up summer wardrobe. I need cover up more for the summer as my doctor told me that with my very sensitive skin the days of sun exposure should be a thing of the past. I can still sunbathe with lots of sunscreen, but for day to day wear I should look at ways of covering up shoulders etc. Not sure how to go about this in a stylish and comfortable way. Maybe I will just throw stoles over everything?
  10. Make a blouse with buttons. I HATE sewing on buttons so I keep sewing projects that don’t need them in any great number. But that’s no way to go for  a grown-up sewist, I think, I will will will make a proper blouse. Promised!
  11. Learn more sewing techniques. My coverstitch machine wants more practice and I want to get better at collars and button holes.
  12. By Hand London Georgia – oh I dream of you! I have never bought an independent pattern and only ever one big4 pattern. No considered reason, just me being a Burda using cheapskate, but the Georgia might be the exception that proves the rule. Look at the version that Lizzie made up! I have got a serious love affair going on here! How this will go with covering up I have no idea, but I never promised logical thought 😉

How about you? Do you have any sewing related resolutions? Or will you enter the new year without preconceptions?

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