Knitting News: Cosy Cardigan

I have never really outed myself as a keen knitter on this blog – although I am, actually. I just never seem to get around to finishing my garments. I have a load of UFOs lieing around where the knitting is finished and they just need to be made up.
But I have started a new project and by publishing a WIP I hope I can commit myself enough to only stop when it’s finished.
I am actually really excited about this:

P1070861It’s a really cosy cardigan. I have chosen West from Lang Yarns and I am using colour No 7. The yarn has the most exquisite colours all already spun in, so all I need to do is to make sure I don’t drop any stitches on those cables. The instructions make you make of the cables at the front first as two separate pieces:


You sew both front cables together at the front to make the front and collar and fill in the rest with ribbed knitting:

P1070862Does that make any sense? I am just realising that I don’t really have the English knitting vocab necessary for blogging. So I best shut up and post some nice pictures once the cardi is finished 🙂


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