Review: La Mia Boutique 1/14, German Edition

Exciting news from the world of sewing magazines: La Mia Boutique have started to produce a German edition of their magazine! I came across it at my local news agent and of course I had to buy it, even though I already have a to-sew-list that is longer than my arm.

P1070863P1070865P1070864There are some nice patterns in it, although nothing that really screamed “SEW ME” at me. I liked these trousers with the rather peculiar buttons at the ankle:

P1070866Not sure ankle buttons are  a good idea outside the world of mountain walking and sewing magazines, but somehow I like them.

I also really like this coat:


It is hard to see any detail on the picture, the coat is model 20 at the top of the first picture of technical drawings above. I have some navy wool coating which might be just the ticket for this…

I guess the first thing I make from this issue might be this peplum top:

P1070868I am soooo late to this trend that it’s almost retro – but hey, that’s the beauty of sewing our own clothes! I can be as un-stylish as I like when I like it.

A couple of observations:
OMG, those models are thin!


In general I really don’t care much about the size of the models at all, after all it’s the garment I am looking at. But in this case I found it hard to even relate to the clothes because I could not visualize what they might look like on me. On the other hand with the plus models they are going proper apple-shaped-plus – again a very specific body shape that I (pear) can’t relate to.

P1070870Also, I really don’t think those clothes do much for an apple shape at all, I rather think they accentuate the tummy rather than skimming over it. All in all that makes me a little wary about the common sense of the fit philosophy (if there is such thing) of La Mia Boutique.

The sizes seem to be quite different from the Burda sizing that I am used to. Of course they have Italian sizes in the first place, so a German 38, 40, 42 (my three sizes in the world of Burda) are a 42, 44, 46 in Italy. But more importantly they tailor of a much more hourglass shape than Burda, with much larger busts in comparison to waist and much slimmer waists than hips. Burda cater for a much straighter shape.
I am sure the typical La Mia Boutique woman has a beautiful shape, but it certainly isn’t my shape. Judging by the measurement table for trousers I can just about fit into their largest size and might even have to go into plus sizes. Now of course a size is just a number, I know, but honestly: a plus size???!! My BMI is right in the middle of the normal range, I just don’t want to have to sew a plus size! (Stamping my little feet!!!)

I have also heard that the Boutique models come out a lot smaller hight-wise than the Burda ones. To me that would make sense, as the average Italian woman certainly is smaller than we Germans, but on the other hand both La Mia Boutique and Burda say they fit for a standard height of 168cm. Does anybody have any experience with this issue?

All in all I am not sure whether to risk my time and fabric on a project where I have a sneeking suspicion that I might have a lot of fitting issues. I guess I will try the peplum top – not a lot can go wrong there as adding height and/or width is simple enough. And maybe I will get a chance to try a muslin of those trousers in the name of sewing research.

Good heavens, why am I even posting this? Given that I blog in English I assume hardly anyone who reads this will be able to lie their hands on this. But maybe La Mia Boutique are putting out other language versions too? Have you ever sewed one of their patterns? Any useful experience or advice?

In any case I wish everyone a happy Christmas and maybe a little sewing time during the holidays!

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