The Finally Some Progress-Report: Winter Trench Coat

Boy, this has been a long time in the making. I somehow lost courage with the winter trench coat and it took my Preliminary Sewlutions to pick it up again. Not really sure why this happened, given that there weren’t any problems with putting the coat together, but as a way of prevaricating I made in the meantime:

  • one pair of trousers
  • one glitzy top
  • several non-glitzy tops
  • one skirt
  • four pairs of pj bottoms
  • one pair of lounge bottoms
  • one dress which I then decided I didn’t like and so cut up again
  • one cape/jacket

oh, and I started some new knitting.

But anyways, I did finish the construction of the coat lining.

20131212_212555It has two pockets, one single welt pocket and one zipper pocket:

20131212_21261620131212_212608Boy, this looks crooked! I hope it’s not like that in real life – I certainly did mean to put it in straight… I put a leather strap around the zip and as soon as I have a proper camera back I will try and show some detail.

And my new name tags, of course:


So I just hope everything fits together alright when I get to sew the lining to the shell… Then there is the handstitching on the bound button holes to do – I can feel another lot of prevarication coming on!! It is as well it is too cold and gloomy for wearing this coat at the moment anyway…


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