Burdastyle 11/13 # 115: Cloak, but no dagger!

I have been a good girl! Unfortunately, judging by the quality of the photos you are about to see, this is hard to ascertain. My daughter was kind enough to spare about 90 seconds of her teenage life to take a few pictures, but my awkward attempts at posing where met with such disdain that I decided to call it a day. Teenagers, ey…
Anyway, back to me being a good girl. I have only gone and started AND finished one of the projects from my sewlutions! And the new year hasn’t even started. I made the jacket/cape version of November’s Burdastyle title model (at least it is on the title in the German edition):


Inside there is a cropped jacket as well and this is what I went for:

P1070849I did not make any changes to the pattern as such, I only shortened the sleeves by about 12 cm, which makes them come just below the elbow, and decreased their width by about 5cm as I felt there was a bit too much fabric flapping around.


The fit, such as it is, was very easy to achieve as this is a very simple make. There are no difficult steps at all and everything fit together beautifully from the start.

P1070848The shell fabric is dark grey wool, the lining is burgundy with a silver pinstripe. Due to the flash it comes across a lot more garish on picture than it does in real life. There were separate pattern pieces for the lining, so that was another quick and simple step. For the first time ever I managed at attach the lining all by machine apart from about 10cm at the back hem where I hand stitched the last gap. Otherwise this whole make has not seen one stitch from a manual needle. This was a departure from the instructions which have you hand stitch the lining to the shell at all hems. I didn’t quite see the point of this, especially since my hand stitching is truly horrible, so I used the machine option.

I’m sure it’s silly, but the one thing I like best is my new name tag, which I had made only recently:

P1070846Fiddling around with this and finding the right proportions of the leather tag took at least an hour, but I just love knowing it is there.

P1070857Overall I really like the way this jacket has come out – I am just not sure I like it on me so much. This is the first time ever I have worn something so unstructured and I am not quite sure what to make of it yet.

P1070859But I will definitely give it a few times’ wear before I decide whether it is a yeah or a nay.


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