Preliminary Sewlutions

Obviously it’s still a little while until it’s time for New Years Re-Sewlutions. But I find that at my house the time between Christmas and the New Year is generally spent on the couch in an cholesterol and alcohol induced coma, only punctuated by the occasional sugar high. So I started thinking already about what I might do to my stash in the coming weeks.

1. Finish the Winter Trench Coat.


I am slightly embarrassed about this – the coat has hung untouched on the side for weeks. I have sewn almost frantically on all sorts of other jobs – I guess finishing it will show whether I can really put it off and I think what’s happening is that subconsciously I am postponing this point of judgement by doing other jobs. But (cue teacher’s voice) no more! This has to get done rather soonish!

2. Make a cape

I don’t even like capes as they normally are. I think they are more for those women who can hold themselves still enough for not being impeded by the lack of sleeves. BUT I have been majorly obsessed with Sown Brooklyn’s Urban Stroll Cape. It looks so put together, so stylish and sharp without any cloak and dagger pretensions. So I thought I might try and create a similar look using pattern 115 from Burdastyle 11/2013:


It’s not a proper cape but a jacket, but I hope it has a similar looks as Sewn Brooklyn’s has:

P1070387I plan on using a dark grey wool fabric which was originally meant to become trousers, but because it did not wash all that well I decided against making an item that needs regular cleaning (I don’t do dry cleaning at all as I hate both the cost and the smell of the chemicals that are used in the process).

P1070391The intended lining is a burgundy mystery fabric with a silver pinstripe. It comes off much more shiny on the photo than in real life. I will see whether it is really suitable once the shell is finished – in case I don’t like this lining after all I am sure my stash will be able to provide me with another solution.

3. Make a blazer

I started my first blazer in April and had to abandon the project when I realised I really, really did not get on with the fabric. However, I got far enough to check that the cut and fit as such were fine and so I will try again, this time using a navy wool mix twill. I want to make the body of the lining out of a cotton print and the sleeves possibly out of a red standard lining fabric for better gliding-inside-the-sleeve properties.


4. Do something with this silk

In July when in London I went on a smallish shopping spree in the Goldhawk Road. For some reason I cannot remember now I only bought 1 metre of this gorgeous and quite heavy silk twill:

P1070392With the colour scheme speaking more cold than hot weather I don’t think there is a lot I could make with just 1 metre. Honestly, what was I thinking? So I wonder whether to team it up with the grey knit to make something with a knit back and possibly sleeves and the silk front. There are a few ideas kicking around in my brain, but nothing worth saying out loud just yet. But I do want to get this done as the silk is truly lovely and come the spring I will not want to wear it as I will thirst for different colours.

So there: It’s down in print so now I am kind of committed. I have a couple of very busy weeks at work ahead and then hopefully the Christmas break to spend some real quality time with my sewing machines. If I can get up from the couch… 😉


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