Embracing Autumn One Garment at a Time: High Visibility Skirt (Burda 10/11 #119)

Now November has properly taken hold we get those mornings (and afternoons – and evenings) where the mists rise from the valley and meadows to cover the dreary November landscapes in the fog of oblivion while dark November skies reach down broodingly towards the ground

– until –

this happens:


Yep, that’s me in my “Stuff you November mist”-high-visibility skirt. It is ORANGE, so orange that I will be seen even from a distance. I am practically auditioning for the role of Rudolph expressed through the medium of skirt.

IMG_5879And look what I have done here: Chris, camouflaged as a tree, in autumn leaf tones of orange, yellow, brown and green. An Indian Summer all in one outfit ;-).

I used BurdaStyle 10/2011 #119, View B


It’s just a simple A-line skirt with large patch pockets. What the technical drawing does not show is that it has darts at the front as well which are hidden by the pockets. For me, that’s a win-win situation. The front darts make it a little roomier so that it does turn and spin around while walking. But lookswise I am not keen on front dart and as these are obscured I have the best of both worlds.

IMG_5884You can see the fabrics creases like crazy. I did iron! And I had word the skirt for maybe 30 minutes before having these pictures taken. So faced with a choice of never sitting down or making the creases a feature I decided to make them a feature.

IMG_5889With the top tucked in.


Is the top-stitching visible at all on these pictures? I did my first ever topstitching using and ivory thread. I stitched around the pockets, CF seams and the top and bottom seam.


IMG_5897Here a sneaky-peak the lining. The wool fabric is extremely scratchy, so I used quite a heavy lining to shield me from itchy leg syndrom. I used to orange contrast thread on the lining.

IMG_5898And look, I even did my first ever French seams on the lining. I found this surprisingly difficult to get right – and mine are for from right, but it’s only the lining, ey??!

IMG_5881But altogether and inspite of its many limitations I absolutely love the skirt. Just putting it on already cheers me up! Even if I do look like a tree 😉


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6 thoughts on “Embracing Autumn One Garment at a Time: High Visibility Skirt (Burda 10/11 #119)

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  2. Gail November 9, 2013 at 12:02 pm Reply

    I made an orange skirt last winter that I have worn and worn. Bright but as versatile as red in the wardrobe.

    • Chris November 9, 2013 at 9:34 pm Reply

      I agree! I think I will get lots of use out of the skirt.

  3. velosewer November 11, 2013 at 4:12 am Reply

    A good lining is worth showing.

  4. Sea of Teal November 19, 2013 at 10:55 am Reply

    Ah, der Rockschnitt hat mir schon in der Burda gefallen und auch Dein Projekt sieht super aus. Genau das richtige für den Herbst. In der Kombination mit der Strumpfhose und den Stiefeln find eich ihn perfekt gestylt!
    Liebe Grüße,

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