Ready for Frocktober: Dress with Pleated Neckline

I made it! It’s half past nine on the 31st of October and at the eleventh hour I am able to show you the second dress which I made for Frocktober. Again, only with dressfrom pictures – my husband is away and the attempt to make a 10 year old my photographer was aborted at an early stage ;-).


The dress is a Burda pattern a few years back and is originally sleeveless. Personally I don’t subscribe to the  “You can wear any dress in winter, just wear a cardigan over it”-school of thought, so I decided to put some sleeves on. I simply added sleeves from another pattern that seemed to have the same arm scythe dimensions as the dress.


There was a lot of umming and aaaing about whether to line or underline the dress. In the end I underlined it, because I did not have a separate pattern piece for the front bodice and I did not want the pleats of the lining gape out at the front neckline. I underline it with – something slippery from the stash. I have no idea about fabric composition – in fact the fabric was originally bought to line curtains, but I think it has worked out decently in this project.


I love the pleats on the neckline:


Without the gratuitously placed corsages:


But I am afraid the dress looks rather better on the dressform than it does on me. Somehow the neckline seems to come a lot higher on me than it appears on the dressfrom, so this is something I might need to change.

I won’t even begin to apologize for the shoddy state of my ironing – if you have read my blog before you will know that if I have any talents then ironing is not one of them. But the fabric does crease horribly – just saying.


So this is the first project made from my massive fabric haul earlier in the month. You see, I am being good, I don’t just shop, I also use up my purchases. I think that gives me full licence to go back the the lovely and oh so soft knit I saw in the shop the other day 😉 ! Although I really like the fabric for this dress it has to be said it is very subdued, especially if you wear it head to (almost) toe. So to make up for this I have started work on a bright orange skirt – we are talking hi-vis bright orange here! It’s all about the contrast, don’t you think?


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One thought on “Ready for Frocktober: Dress with Pleated Neckline

  1. LubbyGirl November 1, 2013 at 5:14 am Reply

    I do like that neckline, and the material looks very pretty. Sometimes subdued is good. 😆 I’ve never tried a Burda pattern…maybe I should branch out and try sewing some dresses.

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