Burda Easy Fashion Autumn/Winter 2013: Easy Made Difficult

Does anybody like to gloat? Sun yourself in another one’s misery?
Then this is where it’s at!! I made the most enormous dog’s dinner out of my latest sewing projects.
All started really well. I love the new edition of Burda Easy Fashion – in fact apart from one skirt in it I have plans for every garment in the magazine.
I started my making blouse #5

5C HW13 B

not as a dress but in a slightly more middle-age-appropriate blouse length. No concerns about the pattern or the drafting – but the chiffony fabric I used pulled and wrinkled every which way until I got all hot and bothered and felt like way back in the home ec class trying to make the first button hole… After a lot of rather unkind ironing and pressing I managed to kind of conquer the pulling and declared the garment wearable – more photos in the next post.

Then I tried my luck on trousers #2:

2B HW13 B

I didn’t make a colour block version but used a solid navy stretch fabric from my stash. The whole project was intended as a muslin, hopefully a wearable one – until I was a bit to fast and free with the rotary cutter and cut into one of the trouser pieces! And no, the hole is not at the inside leg near the ankle where no-one can see it, it is at the center front at about mid-thigh! I did try a bit of darning, but clearly that is not something I remember how to do from my home ec class, so there went the wearability aspect of the muslin. Once I have stopped crying about so much stupidity (whenever did I think that using a rotary cutter on dark navy in a room that is not very brightly lit in the middle of the night half asleep is a good idea???) I might make some pictures of the trousers that otherwise are actually very nice.

So there goes to show: You can make even easy things really hard, if you really try…



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4 thoughts on “Burda Easy Fashion Autumn/Winter 2013: Easy Made Difficult

  1. Anonymous September 23, 2013 at 9:53 am Reply

    add some applique work on the legs, covers up the darning/ patched up area…you’ll have an edgy pair of trousers!

  2. macinic September 28, 2013 at 1:27 pm Reply

    😉 sewing at night seems to be my time for silly mistakes 😉

  3. […] After making a really stupid mistake on my last attempt at trouser sewing I got my act together this time and made a pair of trousers without any problems whatsoever. And they are – wait – PEPLUM trousers! […]

  4. […] when I bought the cheapest chiffon, just because I liked the look of it. I regretted that horribly when the fabric pulled and snagged and slid and generally behaved most disgracefully. I ended up with a top that looks alright from a distance but that no sewist is allowed near, that […]

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