My Journey in Quilts #6: The Wedding Quilt

As announced in my last post my sister got married last weekend and my present to the new couple was this quilt: IMG_4680IMG_4681


My sister is a great fan of all things Scandinavian and I thought a colour scheme of red, black and white might be just right. I made it using a jelly roll of – oh dear, my brain is forsaking me, I can’t remember the name of the line! Can anybody help me out? I bought it in New York, I do remember that… Well, moving quickly on, she says embarrassedly…

Aaaanyway: This is  the first quilt I designed myself, but of course the design is very simple, so maybe it doesn’t even warrant that word. I made one star for each member of the family (my sister, her husband, their son and one for the baby my sister is pregnant with. In the middle they all come together to make up the new family.

I tried to spell out that thought again on the reverse:


There is an initial for each member of the family (and the heart shape for the baby). I made the letters using the technique described by Tonya Riucci. I have admired quilts with writing on for a long time – look at this page on Pinterest, isn’t that just great? However, I didn’t really fall in love with making those letters so  I don’t think I will ever make a quilt that tells a proper story 🙂 .


The binding is just simple red checkered fabric all the way around the quilt. I had some strips of the jelly roll left, so I contemplated making binding in several colours, but in the end I like the solid effect better.


The quilting is a miracle! Not because it is so beautiful, but because it happened at all! I have started to overcome my quilting phobia, thanks to the use of relatively light-weight cotton batting that has made things much easier for me. I simple quilted in the ditch (or imaginary ditch across the solid white squares). Clearly this is as nothing in comparison to what real quilters are doing, but for my level of skill it is great and was happy enough with it to give the quilt as a present.

IMG_4683So how about you? Have you ever gifted a quilt? Who was it for? Or have you been fortunate enough to be given a quilt?


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