Burda 9/2013 #127: The Strange Sleeve Dress

I need your help please: What do you think about the sleeves on this dress? It’s #127 from the September 13 issue of Burdastyle. Now for once the model picture in the magazine makes no secret about the wideness of the sleeve: 127 0913 B It does look a bit like a geisha house coat, doesn’t it? It did think that when I first looked at the picture but decided to make the dress with these slightly strange sleeves thinking it might be fun to make something different for a changeIMG_4429.


But is it still fun in real life? What do you think? Should I leave the wide sleeves that look a bit odd with the fitted dress?

Or maybe I should roll them up?



Hmm, not sure about any of this…


The more I look at those pictures the more I think the strange sleeves have to go… Do you agree? Or is there anything you would like to say to rescue the strange sleeves?


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2 thoughts on “Burda 9/2013 #127: The Strange Sleeve Dress

  1. LubbyGirl August 25, 2013 at 6:55 am Reply

    I think I’d like the sleeves if they were about half the length they are now, and just a bit narrower. I like the neckline on this, and the slimming lines of the design.

  2. juebejue August 25, 2013 at 10:26 pm Reply

    i vote for a different sleeve!! it does look a little weird.

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