Burda 5/2012 #119: Unexpected Skirt

So sorry for posting this yesterday without any content… Don’t know what’s happpened there  🙂

It just is a tiny post to show a skirt that came as a very happy surprise to me:



When I went fabric shopping the other day I just fell in love with this fabric and it was on sale as well, so I just had to have it. I first thought I might make a very simple gathered skirt, but then I remembered this pattern that I had wanted to try for a while:

119-052012-M It is #119 from Burdastyle 5/2012. I made mine a lot longer because I wanted to show off the whole of the border print. I don’t know that the length the skirt has ended up is the most flattering length for me, but I don’t care – I just love the skirt.

It sits quite high on the waist and is a little tight in that area – I was affected by a sudden attack of the middle age spread earlier this year (yes, yes, I hear you, I am sure it has crept up on me, but it just felt very sudden to me…) and have not got used to fitting for this yet, but I can just about fit in.

So very late in the course of summer I have a new favourite summer skirt! Better late than never, ey??!!


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